Retail-banking functions

What is the Retail Banker Functions?

What is the Retail Banker Functions?

Functions  of The Head of Retail Banking

To grow Retail Banking business by providing effective leadership to the Business Unit’s staff and management of the department’s operations to optimize the acquisition of new customers; selling of Bank products; quality of customer management and maintenance of a portfolio of existing customers; increasing usage of the Bank’s products by cross-selling; and support retention and longevity of all customers through the delivery of quality after-sales service

Retail-banking functions
Retail-banking functions

Duties and Responsibilities

•    Structuring the appropriate Personal Banking Team and their support to meet capacity requirements to deliver business targets and competitive quality standards.
•    Establishing appropriate quality and productivity benchmarks for business development (customer acquisition and sales) and portfolio maintenance.
•    Maintaining a quality product portfolio (range) that creates a competitive advantage for Bank and is in line with evolving market needs and addressing current and anticipated needs of the target market.
•    Formulate and implement effective business management infrastructure and systems (policies, processes, procedures, and tools) for optimal resource utilization to deliver business targets and competitive quality standards.
•    Continuously align the bank’s service offering to customers’ expectations and needs through a research process, service quality surveys, and multiple channels of feedback.
•    Establishing and maintaining operational risk management systems to ensure compliance standards are consistently met within the department.
•    Initiating, sponsoring, and championing development/ repackaging and release of products and services for Retail Banking.
•    Establishing and maintaining systems to nurture entrenchment of the Bank’s core values and positive presentation of the Bank’s brand image at all customer (internal & external) contact points.


•    Ability to translate the bank’s corporate strategy into a departmental business plan and operationalize the same.
•    Ability to provide leadership that motivates staff to maximize their productivity and retention.
•    Ability to present, communicate, and implement essential changes to position Retail and SME Banking for sustainable success in competitive markets.
•    Ability to effectively promote the bank and establish business networks at high levels within the target markets.