A     Central bank websites
Afghanistan     Bank of Afghanistan
Albania     Bank of Albania
Algeria     Bank of Algeria
Angola     National Bank of Angola
Argentina     Central Bank of Argentina
Armenia     Central Bank of Armenia
Aruba     Central Bank of Aruba
Australia     Reserve Bank of Australia
Austria     Austrian National Bank
Azerbaijan     The Central Bank of the Republic of Azerbaijan
Bahamas     Central Bank of The Bahamas
Bahrain     Central Bank of Bahrain
Bangladesh     Bangladesh Bank
Barbados     Central Bank of Barbados

Characteristics of a Bank

Characteristics of a Bank

 Characteristics of a Bank Characteristics of a Bank Characteristics of a Bank 1. Dealing in Money Bank is a financial institution which deals with other people’s money i.e. money given by depositors. 2. Individual/ Company/ Firm A bank is a […]

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200 Taka Note

Bangladeshi Taka

Bangladeshi Taka Bangladeshi Taka: 1 Taka Note (One Taka Note),2 Taka Note (Two Taka Note), 5 Taka Note (Five  Taka Note), 10 Taka Note (Ten Taka Note), 20 Taka Note (Twenty Taka Note), 50 Taka Note (Fifty Taka Note), 100 […]

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