SCB Home Loan

Everybody intends to have a home. All of the people make dreams owning a home and To make the dream a reality, SCB gives you the chance to buy a new apartment or transferring your existing Loan with any other Bank/Financial Institution at a very attractive rate.


Feature of SCB Home Loan:

  1.  Maximum loan amount up to BDT 1 Crore
  2. Attractive & absolutely transparent variable rates without any hidden charges
  3. Quick approval process
  4. No prior account relationship required with Standard Chartered
  5. Loan repayment in up to 300 instalments
  6. Zero Processing Fee for Take-over Loans
  7. Financing available for up to 70% of property value
  8. Options available for early & partial settlement


 Eligibility of SCB Home Loan:

  1. Salaried professionals, businesspersons & self-employed individuals with at least 3 years of experience
  2. Applicant or applicants must have a minimum aggregate monthly income of BDT 25,000
  3. Loan Applicant must be at least 25 years of age


 Variable Interest Rate of SCB Home Loan:

The variable interest rate is a type of pricing where the interest rate is revised at pre-determined intervals based on the movement of a market benchmark till the end of the loan tenor. During disbursement, your Home Loan interest rate is linked to the average rate of 182-Day Treasury bill. Your Home Loan interest rate will be reviewed (i.e. decreased or increased) after every 6-month from the date of disbursement based on the movement of the average rate of 182-Day Treasury bill.


 Insurance of SCB Home Loan:

Our Home Loan comes with a very attractive credit-life insurance bundle scheme called Mortgage Reducing Term Assurance (MRTA). The insurance coverage is provided by one of the best life insurance companies around. Moreover, we can finance the insurance premium along with your Home Loan. MRTA insures your Home Loan against your death or permanent total disability; relieving you and your family of the burden of the loan in the event of any such unforeseen circumstances.


Prescribed application form of the Bank duly filled in & signed along-with client’s own handwritten application intending to enjoy the scheme.

  1.  (Two) attested photographs.
  2.  The approved plan from competent authority for the building to be constructed
  3. Attested copies of original titled of the land on which the building to be constructed.
  4. Mutation Parcha, CS, SA, & RS Parcha of the land.
  5. Up-to-date Rent Receipt
  6. DCR
  7. Non-Encumbrance Certificate
  8. Legal Opinion from the Bank’s Panel Lawyer
  9. Bia-Deed
  10. Deed of contract with the seller in case of purchase of ready-made house/apartment.
  11. Inspection report of the concerned branch mentioning the site, location, value, present market value, the forced sale value of the property etc.

Whether enjoying any other loan facility with our Bank, if so to what extent, in what mode and from which branch to be stated clearly in the inspection report including detail particulars of the security there against & Present performance of the existing loan.

Other Sources of income with proper & acceptable evidence as proof

The above Context is the context of Bangladesh

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