How to export goods from Bangladesh to India

How to export goods from Bangladesh to India Export to India At first, we have to know what is export?  Exports are the excess or surplus goods and services sell to another country. It is produced locally and sold it to Internationally. Export process from Bangladesh to India What is the […]

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American Express Credit Card  financial services in India

American Express Credit Card  financial services in India American Express, popularly called Amex, is a global financial services institution founded in the year 1850 in Buffalo, New York City. It has its headquarters in Manhattan’s Three World Financial Centre in New York City. Its key products are charge cards, credit […]

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Characteristics of Islamic Management

Characteristics of Islamic Management   Principles of Islamic Management: 1. Honesty 2. Efficiency 3. Patriotism 4. Right man in the right place 5. Discipline 6. Division of labor 7. Unity of command and unity of direction 8. Centralization and decentralization 9. Preference to the organizational interest 10. Remuneration 11. Economy […]

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Top 10 bank in India

Top 10 Bank in India   India is a big country, which has 51 Pradesh. It is also a big country in size. India has a strongest banking and financial sector. Indian banks are the best banks in terms of their business performances. Most of the reforms have happened post-independence […]

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Banker obligations to honour the cheques Obligations to honour the cheques : The deposits accepted by a banker are his liabilities repayable on demand or otherwise. The banker is, therefore, under a statutory obligation to honour his customer’s cheques in the usual course. Section 31 of the Negotiable Instruments Act, […]

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