Debit Card

Debit Card

VISA Debit Cards

Jamuna Bank Visa Electron Debit Card
Makes your life easy!!!!!
JBLVISA Debit Card is a smart alternative to cash and meant to make shopping more convenient. Our Debit Card can be used to pay for purchases at more than 3000 merchant establishments in Bangladesh and is also accepted in any Q-Cash and VISA terminals.

This Debit Card is offered with all* BDT Savings, Current, Short Term Deposit (SND),
This card is valid only in Bangladesh.
You can access all of your JBL accounts* by one JBL VISA Debit Card.
There are no interest related charges for using the JBL VISA
Debit Card as you are actually paying from your own account.*
You can enjoy higher ATM withdrawal limit, the Daily ATM Withdrawal Limit is BDT 1,00,000/-
No fees on retail purchase and can use JBL VISA Debit Cards at thousands of retail outlets within Bangladesh.
The JBL VISA Debit Card gives a fast, convenient and reliable way to pay, 24 hours a day & 7 days a week, wherever in Bangladesh.
With JBL large ATM network including non-branch ATM, any Q-Cash and VISA ATM across the
Country, customers have the privilege of round the clock withdrawal and other account services at customers’ convenience.
Utility bill payment
– Daily Pin Change option
– Cash withdrawal 5 times a day
– The validity of an ATM card is 2 (Two) years

How to apply:

Customer to open an account from his/her nearest branch of Jamuna Bank Limited. As a customer, if you would like to consider applying ATM card, the followings are helpful information and requirements in the procession.
Attach your recent id photos (2pcs)
Attach a Xerox copy of your passport
Any other kind of valid id such as National ID/driving license etc.
And fill up the form at the respective Branch
Issuance fee Tk. 400+VAT (15%)
Tips for usage
Card Activation
After receiving the card, sign the acknowledgement slip and send it to Card Division or any branch of JBL or call Card Division for activation.
Put your signature on the signature panel at the back of your card.
Caution during making transactions
Please do not let your card be taken out of your sight at any merchant outlet to prevent possible Misuse
After using your card at a merchant outlet, please ensure that the card returned to you is yours
Before signing the Sales Slip check at the amount charged
Retain your copy of the Sales Slip of all transactions until they appear in your Card Account Statement for your future reference
PIN Maintenance
Destroy the PIN mailer after memorizing your PIN
Do not write the PIN on the card or keep the PIN inside your wallet
Change the PIN every month
For Lost/Stolen Card
If the card is lost or stolen, simply call JBL Bank’s Help Desk at 8801713067771,9564587. You also can re¬port the loss by fax (9562773) to JBL, Card Division immediately.
Note: Please find Card address change Application Form in the “Forms Center”
Connect with us:
You’re most welcome to drop by any of our branches or simply call at (88) 01713 067771, (88 02) 9564587, 9562773 or 9570912 to ask for it.
*Terms and conditions apply

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