MoneyGram International Inc. is a global fund transfer company. It is in the United States. It headquarters is in Dallas, Texas. MoneyGram has operations expanded in centres in St. Louis Park, Minnesota and Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, a call centre in Denver, Colorado, and regional and local offices around global village. MoneyGram businesses services are divided into two categories, one  Global Fund Transfer and another is Financial Paper Products. The company  provide their services individuals and businesses through a network of agents as well as  financial institution customers.MoneyGram provided their service 320,000 locations 198 countries all over the world.It is fast, reliable and most convenient other than fund transfer services.

History MoneyGram

MoneyGram International is amalgamated of two Business Company. One is Minneapolis-based Travelers Express Co. Inc. which was founded in 1940 and became the world’s largest processor of money orders and a major player in the electronic payments industry. The other one is create MoneyGram International was Denver-based Integrated Payment Systems Inc., that which entered the international money transfer business in 1988. Travelers Express and MoneyGram Payment Systems joined  in 1998 when Travelers Express’ parent, Viad, purchased MoneyGram Payment Systems. In 2004 Viad spun off the Travelers/MoneyGram group into a new publicly traded company – MoneyGram International Inc.

Send money through MoneyGram

Steps to send money :
Step one :  Estimate the cost to transfer money
Step two:  Find a MoneyGram agent
Step three:   Visit your local MoneyGram agent
>> Bring one or more forms of government issued identification such as:
Driver’s license
National identity card
Government issued ID
Step four:
Complete a simple money transfer form
Hand the completed form to your MoneyGram agent along with the money you want to send, plus fees.
You’ll receive a receipt and reference number for the transaction.
Save both for your records and share with the person receiving the money transfer.
Step 5 :
Contact the person receiving your money transfer
How to receive money through MoneyGram
Steps are given below:
Step one:
Request the reference number – The person sending you money will receive a reference number when the transaction is completed. Ask for the reference number to make it easier and faster to pick up your money.
Step Two:
Visit your nearest MoneyGram location – Take your reference number and one or more forms government issued identification to pick up your money+.  Forms of ID include:
>>  Passport
>> Driver’s license
>> National identity card
>> Government issued ID
Step three:
Complete the ‘receive’ form – A receive form is available at your agent location. The form is required to pick up transferred money. Complete all fields and:
>>  Include the reference number
>> Show your identification

Once verified, you’ll receive your money (usually your local currency).
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