What are the Importance of International Business for economy?

What are the Importance of International Business for economy?

Answer: The points below highlight the importance of international business:

a) Earn foreign exchange: International business exports its goods and services all over the
world. This helps to earn valuable foreign exchange. This foreign exchange is used to pay for
imports. Foreign exchange helps to make the business more profitable and to strengthen the
economy of its country.

b) Optimum utilization of resources: International business makes optimum utilization of
resources. This is because it produces goods on a very large scale for the international market.
International business utilises resources from all over the world. It uses the finance and
technology of rich countries and the raw materials and labour of the poor countries.

c) Achieve its objectives: International business achieves its objectives easily and quickly. The
main objective of an international business is to earn high profits. This objective is achieved
easily. This it because it uses the best technology. It has the best employees and managers. It
produces high-quality goods. It sells these goods all over the world. All this results in high
profits for the international business.

d) To spread business risks: International business spreads its business risk. This is because it
does business all over the world. So, a loss in one country can be balanced by a profit in another
country. The surplus goods in one country can be exported to another country. The surplus
resources can also be transferred to other countries. All this helps to minimize the business risks.

e) Improve organization’s efficiency: International business has very high organisation
efficiency. This is because without efficiency, they will not be able to face the competition in the
international market. So, they use all the modern management techniques to improve their
efficiency. They hire the most qualified and experienced employees and managers. These people
are trained regularly. They are highly motivated with very high salaries and other benefits such
as international transfers, promotions, etc. All this results in high organisational efficiency, i.e.
low costs and high returns.

f) Get benefits from Government: International business brings a lot of foreign exchange for
the country. Therefore, it gets many benefits, facilities and concessions from the government. It
gets many financial and tax benefits from the government.
g) Expand and diversify: International business can expand and diversify its activities. This is
because it earns very high profits. It also gets financial help from the government.

h) Increase competitive capacity: International business produces high-quality goods at low
cost. It spends a lot of money on advertising all over the world. It uses superior technology,
management techniques, marketing techniques, etc. All this makes it more competitive. So, it can
fight competition from foreign companies.

What are the Importance of International Business for economy?

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