You’ve created tons of documents. But perhaps you need some timesaving techniques to help you work faster. In the spirit of working more efficiently and avoiding tedious, stressful manual work this master class is packed with selected tips, tricks & techniques that will enhance your productivity and improve your everyday performance while working with computer/MS Office.

There are many hidden tricks that can help to boost our efficiency & productivity several fold. This study material will definitely equip you with invaluable tools, tricks, techniques and advice readily applicable to your organization to significantly improve your ability to perform your everyday task for maximum effectiveness with minimum effort, risk, stress and error.


  1. To provide some time saving techniques in a short
  2. amount of time without information overload.
  3. To offer techniques guaranteed to increase
  4. efficiency saving time, money & effort.
  5. To simplify works smartly.
  6. To handle & process doc./file better, faster.


  1. Help you to get things done faster and more efficiently than ever.
  2. Comfort to work smarter not harder.
  3. Learning and using these tricks will save you hours with your everyday task allowing you to invest more effort in your core task!


Anyone who uses Microsoft Office specially MS. Word and Excel having basic literacy needing a brush up on skills or just needing to learn to get things/task done more efficiently.


To work using MS Word and MS Excel

Md. Abul Hasan
Executive Officer & Investment In-Charge
Mouchak Branch, Dhaka

This will wow your
boss and make your
peers say
“How U do that”


Title Accomplishment








1. To move the cursor to the location where it was when you last saved the document:

Press Shift+F5. [To return to the last edited point]

2. Move a row or paragraph quickly: Highlight text >Holding down Shift+ Alt > Use

Up/ Down Arrow key to move accordingly.

3. Moves the cursor one word to the right/left: Ctrl+ <Right arrow/Left arrow>
4. Moves the cursor to the end/beginning of the document: Ctrl+ <End/Home>
5. Extended Selection Mode: Press F8> Click starting point of selection then second click at end point of selection. In between everything will be selected. [Press Esc to exit]
6. Select a block of text: Ctrl + Shift + Use arrow key
7. To select everything from insertion point: Ctrl + Shift+ End
8. To select entire Sentence/Paragraph: Ctrl+ Double Click, Ctrl+ Triple Click
9. To select any rectangular area: Holding down ALT Key drag your mouse.
10. To select a word make two rapid click & to select an entire paragraph make three rapid click anywhere in the paragraph.


Title Accomplishment

[Spike Cut]




Move text without copy paste: Highlight any block of text > press F2 > place the cursor at the spot where to paste then press Enter to move the text.
Word has a useful “spike” feature that you can be used to cut text from multiple locations of a document and paste them all at once to a different location.

For spike cut the selection to the spike use Ctrl+F3

To paste the spike contents, use Ctrl+Shift+F3


Title Accomplishment
DELETE 1. To delete immediately without putting the file in Recycle Bin: Press Shift + Delete

2. To delete the word to right of cursor: Press Ctrl+ Delete

3. To delete the word to left of cursor: Press Ctrl+ Backspace

4. To delete table: Select table > and then press > Backspace


Title Accomplishment




1.     Format painter (Brush like look in the Home Tab) a fantastic time saver. Where you need to format cells manually. You can use Ctrl+ Shift+ C to copy formatting and Ctrl+ Shift + V to paste it. Having copied formatting, you can use Ctrl+ Shift+ V as often as you like even across multiple documents without having to copy again until you close word.

2.     Clear format a powerful friend: To remove unnecessary spacing, to show hidden text.

3.     Click the home Tab> Click the paragraph groups dialog box launcher (the small arrow in the lower right corner) > Check the don’t add space between paragraph of the same style option> OK.





Title Accomplishment



1.     To Split table: Hit Layout Tab →Split Table [Nice & easy to divide a table]

2.     To select entire table: Alt+ Double Click within the table [Click + sign in the left top]

3.     Fit to Window/contents= Select Table >Right Click > Select option

4.     To remove table borders press Ctrl +Alt+ V

5.     To move row within table very easily press, Shift+ Alt+ Down/Up Arrow

6.     Repeating table row in every page select row then table properties >Repeat as header row

7.     Convert text into a table: Select lines of text> Hit Insert tab>Table> Insert Table.

8.     Summation in table data: Hit Layout tab>Formula>Sum above >OK


Title Accomplishment
PRINTING 1.     To display print preview mode press, Ctrl+F2.

2.     Page number setting, fit to page, alignment, print tiles, page break preview, even or odd page printing. Both side printing. [Excel]

3.     Printing %= Page Layout>Scale>Define % for better visualization. [Excel]







Title Accomplishment
1. Quick access Toolbar


Important commands must be added: Save All, Save & Close All, Print preview, Quick Print, Email. To add command in the quick access toolbar do as follows:

File >Option >Quick Access Toolbar >Choose All Commands > Add Options > OK



Title Accomplishment
2. Creating Shortcut



To do it go to File→ Option →Customize Ribbon→ Key Board Short Cut > Customize →Write new short cut key→ Assign→ OK [Choose commands]


Title Accomplishment
3. Creating Tab Hit Office File Menu →Word/Excel Option→ Customize →Select →Add →OK


Title Accomplishment
4. Auto Complete Text Go to File> Options>Proofing>Auto Correct Option> Replace text as you type.




Title Accomplishment
1. Writing Without



Open MS. Word Doc. and write =rand(200, 99) then press enter now see the magic [500 hundred pages full of text having 200 paragraph and 99 lines each]


Title Accomplishment
2. Creating Folder

Without any Name

Can you open any new folder without name?

Open new folder delete the name then holding down Alt Key write 0160


Title Accomplishment
3. Recording all Task

as Image

Open run dialog box > type “psr” > enter > press record then it will record everything you do in the computer and stop recording & save the file.


Title Accomplishment
4. No Folder Creation You cannot rename any folder in the name of “CON”. Make a try!



Title Accomplishment
5. Alt +Ctrl+ + (plus) To convert the cursor appearance as into four headed squiggle




Title Accomplishment
01. Snipping Tool


You can use Snipping Tool to capture a screen shot or snip any object on your screen so you can copy, save & annotate the image.

Click start > All Program> Accessories> Snipping Tool window will open and a white overlay appears over the screen. Use mouse to drag and select an area you require to copy.

02. Quick Parts


You have a certain paragraph of text, logo regularly need to add to a doc. Use Quick part gallery to create, store and find reusable piece of contents. Storing and using as follows:

How to store: Select Block of Text →Insert →Quick Parts →Save Selection To Quick Part Gallery> Save. How to Use: Hit Insert> Quick parts > Click on the text that require.


03. Screen Shot Print Screen: Quick & Easy way of taking Screen shot: Press “Print Screen SysRq” Key to capture everything displayed in the current window and paste it where necessary


04. On Screen Keyboard


It can be used as virtual keyboard using mouse click.

To turn on this: All Program →Accessories →Ease of Access→ On Screen Keyboard

05. Sticky



Would you like an easy way to write down a quick note or to do list as on screen reminders without wasting a piece of paper. Use sticky notes


06. Freezing MS Word



You can view two different parts of the same document in the same window allowing you to scroll through both parts independently. Hit View Tab>Split [exit double click on ruler]


07. Word




Write down math expression in the document > Select >Press Calculate button to view the result in the status bar. To do this go to File →Word Option→ Quick access tool bar →All command →Add calculate command to your Quick access tool bar.


08. Adding XL You can add excel sheet in word doc. Hit Insert Tab→ Table →Excel Spreadsheet
09. Create Line To create a horizontal line type 3 hypens and then press Enter [3 “=” to create double line]
10. Working

with Shape


To expand the shape in the same wide and length: Ctrl+ Drag [up/down/left/right]

To copy the same shape to another point: Ctrl+ Drag the shape pressing mouse

11. View



If you are looking for a synonyms. Highlight the word and press shift+F7 to view a variety of synonyms of the words.


12. Send to Go to run →write “shell:sendTo” →copy target folder→ paste to write side of window.





Title Accomplishment


1. To insert auto sum formula: Placing cursor below the value/number press, Alt+ = [Very nice & easy, Use it every day]
2. To count the number of cells in a range that meet up a given criteria use:

=COUNTIF(Range, Criteria) Example: =Countif(B2:B8, Boy)

3. Sum/add all number in defined range of cell based on a given criteria use:

=SUMIF(Range, Criteria, Sum range) Example:=Sumif(B:B, Boy, C:C)

4. To change the text case in MS. Excel use: =Proper/Upper (Range of Text)
5. Conditional remarks: =IF(B6>=500, “Great Job!”, “Better Luck”)

6. Date calculation excluding specific days of the week (Holidays)

=NETWORKDAYS.INTL(Starting Date, Ending Date, Holiday type)

7. Matching of data: =Exact(Range1, Range2) @ Versatile date formula; =Today()
8. Adding multiple cell data: =(Column1& Column2)
9. *Convert number into word:

=CONCATENATE(TEXT(UPPER (SpellNumber (B3)), 0)





1. To create dropdown key: Hit Data Tab >Data Validation List> Allow List> Insert Texts using coma and space in the source box.
2. Copy specific sheet in new workbook: Right Click on sheet> Move or copy>New Book> Tick to Create a copy >OK
3. Paste special: Copy Value > Select the value to paste over > Right Click> Paste Special>Tick to Add/Subtract/Multiply/Divide as you require > OK.
4. To select all Blank cells or other specific cells: Hit Home Tab>Find & Select>Go to Special> Tick option as you require>OK
5. Separating cell data in multiple cells: Hit Data Tab>Text to column>Delimited >Next > Select Delimiters > Finish.
6. To quickly fill multiple cells with same value or text after entering a value in one of the cells: First select all of the cells, type in the data and press CTRL+ENTER, which insert the same value/text in all of the selected cells
7. Conditional Formatting: In the Home Tab Hit Conditional Formatting>Choose Highlight Cell Rules [< > =], Insert Cell Range>OK
8. Add heading each page =Hit Page layout>Print Tiles>Sheet> Rows to repeat at top>OK.



Freezing Pane, Data Validation: Unique Entry, Remove Duplicate, Coloring Tab, Formatted Table, Color Sorting, Flash Fill, Name Manager, Pivotal table, Macro VBA, Connection, Double Click Magic, Protecting





Title Accomplishment
1. Not Responding

Hang up Malfunction


Open task manager to close hang up file/program. When the mouse will not work use right button from key board to send to pen drive. Use One screen Key Board when keyboard not working.
2. Not Fitting in Specific Page Compressing the paragraph: Select the block of text>Hit Home Tab> Paragraph Launcher>Line spacing multiple>At 0.9>OK.
3. Formatting


To remove unnecessary space, text alignment problems, text hiding: Do the job…

Hit Home Tab>Style menu>Clear formatting

4. Copied from Web Select text>Right Click> Accept Insertion to change the text layout into normal





Let’s demonstrate efficiency by utilizing the following shortcut keys.

Useful MS. Word Short Cut Keys:

SL. To do the Following Press
01 To Move the Cursor to the Last Edited Point Shift+ F5
02 To Insert Current date in MS. Word Alt+ Shift+ D
03 To Insert Current time in MS. Word Alt+ Shift+ T
04 To Change the Text Case of the Selection Shift + F3
05 To Remove Character Formatting Ctrl+ Spacebar
06 Remove Paragraph Formatting Ctrl+ Q
07 Return the Selection to the Normal Style Ctrl+ Shift+ N
08 Display the Font Dialog Box To Jump to the Ctrl+ Shift + P
09 Next Page from Current Page Ctrl+ Enter
10 To Display the Short Cut Menu for Selected Items Shift+ F10


11 To Increase or Decrease Font Size of Selected Text Ctrl+ ] or [


12 Select One Screen Up or Down Shift+ Page Up/ Down





SL. To do the Following Press
1. To Insert Current Date Ctrl +;
2. To Insert Current Time Ctrl +Shift+;
3. To Insert New Lines in a Cell Alt+ Enter
4. To Edit Active Cell F2
5. To Select Entire Row Ctrl + Space
6. To Select Entire Column Shift +Space
7. To Insert New Row/Column Ctrl+ + [From Num. Key]
8. To Delete cell/row/column Ctrl + – [From Num. Key]
9. To Create Table Ctrl + T
10. Apply Outline Border Ctrl +Shift+&
11. To Hide Current Column Ctrl +0
12. To Unhide The Column Ctrl +Shift+0
13. To Format Cell [Number, Alignment, Font, Border..] Ctrl +!
14. To copy value from above cell Ctrl+ ”
15. To Select UP/Down/Left within Data table Ctrl+ Shift+ Arrow key






Essential Windows Short Cut Keys: Handy features


SL. Press To Do the Following
01. Win Key +E To access computer drives instantly.
02. Win Key +R Quickly open the run dialog box
03. Win Key+ U To open Ease of Access Center [Open Utility manager]
04. Win Key+ L Automatically lock the computer
05. Win Key+ D Will minimize everything you have up, so you can get to the desktop
06. Ctrl+ Shift+ Esc Open Windows Task Manager [To End Task]
07. Ctrl+ Alt+ Delete Open windows Switching panel
08. Alt+F4 Shut down selected program/computer
09. Ctrl +F4 Close The Active Document/File
10. Ctrl+ Mouse Wheel To Zoom in and out of the document
11. Ctrl+ Shift+ N Create A New Folder
12. Alt+ Enter Display Properties For The Selected Items
13. F4 [Magic Key] You Can Repeat the Most recent Commands by Pressing F4 key.
14. Win Key + Tab ALT+TAB allows to cycle through currently open windows. And Windows +

TAB will do the job for you in a more stylish way.

15. Rename a File Quickly Right clicking and selecting rename is not very efficient.

Instead, simply press F2 while a file is selected to change its name.

16. F12 Open “Save As” Dialog box [Define location, file name & type to save the file]



“Let’s Each Technique Become More

Useful to You in the Workplace.”