The function of the Product Development Manager

The function of the Product Development Manager

The function of the Product Development Manager

The Product Development Manager: Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Develop Branch Recognition:

•    Develop a plan on execution for branding activities and contribute to budget development.
•    To develop and executed brand visibility strategies.
•    Launch new products and re-brand existing products to sustain effectiveness.
•    To design and implement promotion activities.
•    To align branding to community social responsibility activities for brand leverage.
•    Ensure participation in brand equity survey by developing survey components.
•    To develop and implement unique brands in consultation with the major stakeholders (Corporate, Retail & SME and Treasury)

2. Sustain and Grow Market Share:

•    Execute sales promotion plans for the growth of market share.
•    Facilitate product knowledge to consumers and staff in consultation with business units.
•    Gather market intelligence for appropriate planning and action.
•    Oversee the development and implementation of effective communication systems with the customers.
•    Ensure compliance with best practices in corporate governance.
•    Develop web contacts, web communication, and maintain the website.
•    Coordinate in event planning including media conferences.
•    Direct companies’ internal and external communications and coordinate media public relations including presentations and written communications that inform relevant stakeholders, media representatives, and the public about the Bank/Group.
•    Maintain the Bank’s/Group’s public image, highlighting problem areas, and recommend remedial actions as appropriate.
•    Oversee activities of personnel (appraise, reward, motivate, discipline as necessary).
•    Work with Business units, subsidiary companies, and the Human Resource department to plan and create strategies, tactics, activities, and materials for the purpose of conveying the most positive message to staff, relevant stakeholders, media representatives, and the public.
•    Ensure that the Public Relation Agency and all media houses that deal with the Bank are managed in a manner that is beneficial and that a cordial relationship is maintained with such entities at all times.
•    Coordinate surveys to measure customer satisfaction.

Required skills

•    Possess a solid understanding of broad financial industry issues and the competitive position of key players.
•    Expert knowledge, exhibit an exceptional degree of ingenuity, creativity, and resourcefulness.
•    Ability to guide and transfer knowledge to the team.
•    Ability to build and sustain positive relationships internally and externally.
•    Able to operate in a performance-driven organization.
•    Proven ability to analyze complex business issues and identify, design, and implement effective practical recommendations.

The Product Development Manager