How to obtain Import Registration Certificate (IRC) in Bangladesh

How to obtain Import Registration Certificate (IRC) in Bangladesh

Required Supporting Documents:

1.       Attested photocopy of valid Trade License

2.       Tax Identification Number (TIN)

3.       Attested photocopy of membership certificate from local Chamber of Commerce and Industry or

relevant Trade Association

4.       Original copy of Treasury Chalan

5.       If a partnership business: Partnership Deed (certified attested copy)

6.       If a limited company: (certified attested copies)

7.       Certificate of Incorporation

8.       Articles of Association

9.       Memorandum of Association

(To facilitate verification of the submitted documents, applicants are requested to submit the original documents as well. The original copies of the documents will be returned at the completion of the process).

Process  Steps

Step 1: Collect IRC form from office of Controller Import and Export.

Step 2: Deposit schedule fees at Bangladesh Bank or designated branches of Sonali Bank Fees should be deposits under the head number: 1-1731-0001-1801

(Sonali bank branches should be used only where Bangladesh Bank is not available). Collect and complete 3 copies of Chalan Form and pay the Schedule fee



Ceiling  Value  of  annual import


Initial  Registration fees


Annual renewal fees


Tk. 5, 00,000

Tk. 5,000

Tk. 3,000


Tk. 25,00,000

Tk. 10,000

Tk. 6,000


Tk. 50,00,000

Tk. 18,000

Tk. 10,000


Tk. 1,00,00,000

Tk. 30,000

Tk. 15,000


Tk. 5,00,00,000

Tk. 45,000

Tk. 22,000


Above Tk.5,00,00,000

Tk. 60,000

Tk. 30,000

Step 3: Submit application form with recovery supporting documents

    Attach a recent passport size photo of applicant

    Make copies of complete application package for self

    Submit application at the receipt room 3rd floor of CI&E by 4 p.m.

Collect office entry number


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