Global Express Money Remittance

Global Express Money Remittance

Global Express Money Remittance (GEMR) is a remittance company that which serving in the UK of  Filipino society and across other Euro zone countries. The company owners are 28 years professional experience and legitimate remittance and banking personnel both in Asia and Europe. Their main  objectives to serve fast, safe, reliable, efficient as well as most of all lowest cost to all customers and the beneficiaries in the Philippines. Along with, GEMR has partnered with Banco, De Oro, BDO, the biggest private universal bank in Philippines with other remittance company  and payout outlets in the Philippine to confirm delivery services within 24 hours a day, 7-days in a week, 30 days in a month and 365 days in a year. Global Express Money Remittance  registered company with England and Wales under Company No. 6872644 and authorized to engage money communication business under money Laundering Registration No.12526183 which is issued by HM Custom and Excise.
Three steps to send money through GEMR
Step One:
a) Registration: Complete Application Form (download Application Form)
b) 1. Submit a photocopy of your passport or driver’s license (certified by a solicitor, banker, or Philippine Embassy)
2.  Submit any of the following proof  of address,utility bill, bank statement or credit card statement (certified by a solicitor, banker, or Philippine Embassy)
Step Two:
Deposits/transfer the remittance amount plus the service fee to Global Express Money Remittance accounts
Step Three:
Visit, call, email Global Express Money Remittance company to confirm deposit or transfer and give the details remittance instruction to:
Global Express Money Remittance (GEMR) services are:
BDO Remittance Cash Card
BDO Kabayan Savings Account
Cash Pick-up anywhere
Credit to other bank Accounts
Door to Door Delivery
Jollibee Padalang Langhap Sarap
SSS Contribution Payments
Global Express Money Remittance Limited.
160-166 Kensington High street,
London W8, 7RG
Tel     : 44(0) 203 006 7212
Mobile: 44(0) 7944166478,44(0) 7954244526


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