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Essential Qualities of a Successful Banker

Essential Qualities of a Successful Banker

1.  A Banker includes a person or corporation or company acting as a Banker.” – Negotiable Instrument Act, 1881
2. Banker includes a body of persons where incorporate or not who carry on the business of Banking. – Bill of Exchange Act, 1882
3. ” A banker is a dealer in debts-his own and other peoples” – Prof. Crowther.
4. A banker or a bank is a person or company carrying on the business of receiving money and collecting drafts for customers subject to the obligation of honoring cheques drawn upon them from time to time by the customer to the extent of the amounts available in their current account. –Proof. A. C. Hart.
5. Commercial Banker is a dealer in money in substitutes for money, such as cheques or bill of exchange – New Encyclopedia Britannica

 Essential Qualities of a Successful Banker:

Failure or success depends on the qualities of Bank officials. A skilled and qualified banker turned and upgraded a problem bank to the best bank. A lot of examples are available all over the world. Which are essential qualities of a successful  banker are given below:
a) Educational Qualities
b) Technical Qualities
c) Social Qualities
d) Personal Qualities

Top Qualities of a Successful Banker images
Essential Qualities of a Successful Banker

a) Educational Qualities

Educational qualification is the best quality of a successful banker. All quality comes from education. So every banker should have the required educational qualification. Educational qualification makes a banker intelligent, creative, informative, and confident. Any qualified person makes his right position by his own quality. If any banker has a degree in banking, finance, or economics which is added value of a banker. Without related degree banker sets up him at the top level position which is found all over the world and even in Bangladesh.

b) Technical Qualities

A banker should have technical quality. Technical quality means the idea of all elements of the banking business. A successful  should have the following qualities which are given below:

a) To have the idea of a transaction and accounting data storage
b) To have the idea how to achieve full satisfaction of customers
c) To know how to collect the deposits from the customers
d) To know the technical know-how to investment the valued clients
e) To know how to minimize the risk of investment
f) How to make a combination of demand and supply of the funds.
g) To have the technical idea how to maintain the central bank rules of central bank
h) To have the idea when the decision will have to take prompt and slowly
i) To have the idea of production and production cost of RMG sectors.
j) To have the idea about landed cost when the customer’s imports merchandise from abroad.
k) To have the idea to give advise the client hoe to properly utilize the investment.
l) To have the ideas of the rate of return of a project.
m) To have the demographic and geographic idea where the bank is setup.
n) To have the cultural idea of the bank business arena.

Essential Qualities of a Successful Banker