MICR Cheque

MICR Cheque: The short type for ink Character Recognition is MICR, that could be a recognition technology supported characters written with ink or toner and processed by being magnetized and […]

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SMS banking

SMS Banking

SMS Banking 1. What is SMS Banking? SMS Banking is a service that which allows customers to access their account information via mobile phone. SMS banking services are operated by […]

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product development image

Product Development Manager

Product Development Manager Function of   Product Development Manager Duties and Responsibilities 1. Develop Branch Recognition: •    Develop a plan on execution for branding activities and contribute to budget development. •   […]

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Retail banking image

Retail Banking

Retail Banking Retail Banking-A retail bank is a bank which works with consumers directly. Retail banks allow consumers to purchase homes, cars and consumer products by providing mortgages and loans. […]

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