Islamic Banking in all over India

Islamic Banking in all over India   Islamic banking is a banking which follows the principles of islamic laws (Shariah) which prohibits interest based banking‘ and permits only profit sharing based banking‘. The concept  is based on a verse of the Holy Quran that says “Allah has allowed only legitimate trade […]

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Bai Murabaha

Bai Murabaha The term ‘Bai-Murabaha’ has been derived from Arabic words ﻊﻴﺒ and ﺢﺑﺭ (Bai’un and Ribhun). The word ﻊﻴﺒ means purchase and sale and the word ﺢﺑﺭ means an agreed upon profit. ﺍﻠﻤﺮﺍﺒﺢ ﻊﻴﺒ ‘Bai-Murabaha’ means sale on agreed upon profit. Bai-Murabaha may be defined as a contract between […]

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