Step by Step Export Procedure

Step by Step Export Procedure

Procedure of Export from Exporter side:

  1. To open an account with a Bank.
  2. To be collect ERC (Export Registration Certificate) from CCI & E.
  3. To collect TIN from Bangladesh Revenue Board.
  4. To collect Export L/C / Transferable Export L/C.
  5. To submit the Export L/C / Transferable Export L/C to the Bank through his letter pad and type Back to Back L/C.
  6. To sign LCAF
  7. To collect Insurance cover Note with money receipt and Vat paid certificate (only for Foreign B/B L/C)
  8. To Sign IMP & Related charge documents.

Model of Party’s Letter for submission of Export L/C: MASS Fashion Ltd.
ABC Bank Ltd.
Gulshan Branch
Subject : Submission of Export L/C No. …………….……..  dt.  ……..………… for US$. ………………….
 Dear Sir,
Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah.
Enclosed please find here with the original Export L/C No. ……………….. dt. …………. for US$. ……….
for your necessary action and oblige.
Yours truly,
Managing Director
Mass Fashion Ltd.
7,Gulshan Avenue,

Enclosed: Export L/C. …………………….. dt. ………………..

Procedure of Export from Banker Side:
Step: 1 :          At first Banker open an Account by receiving related paper as per Banking Rule.
Step: 2 :
          To receive the Letter / Application of submission Export L/C, Bankers at first verify the signature (Model of Application of the Client).
Step: 3 :          If the Export L/C is transferable Export L/C, it is must to verify through the letter of “Confirmation of transfer ………………. Export L/C …………….. dt …………….. for US$. ………………
(Model of Confirmation Letter / Bank transfer)
Step: 4 :          [ To confirm the Export L/C (for transferable Export L/C)/Direct received Export L/C]. After receiving Export L/C from the client, to check the following:

  • Transferable Export L/C’s Bank’s Authorised signature verify or not.
  • Form of Documentary Credit Irrevocable transferable or not.
  • Date of issue:
  • Date and place of Expiry: …………………… in Bangladesh.
  • Applicant:
  • Beneficiary:
  • Currency Amount:
  • Draft: At sight
  • Transhipment: allowed / Not allowed.
  • Last date of Shipment:
  • Terms of Delivery: FOB Dhaka / FOB Ctg.

Step: 5If the terms and condition of Bank Export L/C is ok to mark – LIEN WITH BANK.


 Step: 6 :          (LIEN MARKED) Export L/C Serial No. write of the file by red ink Ball point . i.e. To open a seperate Export L/C File.
Step: 7 :Advice the Export L/C to Applicant / Exporter.
Step: 8 :          To Entry the Export Performance Registrar:
 Column of Export Performance Registrar.

SL.NO. Export L/C No
& date
Shipment date Expiry date Description and
Quantity of goods
(Quota/not Quota)
In F.C.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8


Particulars of BB L/C


And Date
Amount in F.C.
(BB Bills)
Initial Import Bill No.
& date
Amount in F.C. Due date Paid on Initial
9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18


Particulars of Export Bills


Export Bill No. (FBP/FBC) Amount in F.C. Amount in Local Tk. Date of realization Realization amount in F.C. Initial Remarks
19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26

Step: 9 :          To open required B/B L/C, Local B/B L/C Under/ agt. the Export L/C (if discretionary power is available to open the above B/B L/C)
To open Back to Back Foreign L/C, the following documents signed by Exporter:

  • IMP form
  • LCA Form (Industrial)
  • LC Application form (Industrial)
  • Charge documents:
    1. Promissory Note
    2. Letter Authority
    3. Note Deliver Letter
    4. Balance Confirmation
    5. LIM/Mura – Agreement Import (150 Tk. Stamped)
    6. Purchase schedule
    7. Letter of Guarantee
    8. Letter of Hypothecation
    9. Letter of Continuity
  • Insurance Cover Note with money receipt & VAT Certificate.

Step: 10 :        If Branch Manager’s discretionery Power is not available to open the B/B L/C (Foreign), B/B L/C Local, Proposal send to Head Office ID.
(Model of proposal to open B/B L/C)
It may open 75% amount of the Export L/C value.
It may open 80% amount of the Export L/C value.(if the value =/<USD.60.00/dozen)
Step: 11 :        To open B/B L/C (Foreign / Local) to pass the following voucher:
Dr.       Customers Liability on B/B L/C.
Cr.       Bankers Liability on B/B L/C.
(To entry the liability voucher to B/B L/C Liability Register)
Dr.       Party Account.
Cr.       L/C Opening Commission Foreign.
Cr.       Telex Charge / Swift Charges.
Cr.       Handling Charge (if required)
Cr.       Direct Exp. Account.
Cr.       Stationery Charges.
Cr.       S/D. on Vat in L/C Commission.

Step: 12 :        To receive the original documents of B/B L/C, to entry the L/C documents (B/B) receiving Registrar and to issue an intimation letter to the client to retire the documents.
Step:13 :         The Exporter receiving the intimation letter, to submit a prayer to endorse the documents to the Bank.
Step: 14 :        To receive the prayer of endorsement the shipping documents with stamped / sealed .
Step: 15:         If the documents is discrepant to inform the Supplier’s Bank the above discrepant through Tlx/Swift/By Post/By Courier. Beside this to inform the following above discrepancy to Exporter.
Step: 16 :        If the discrepant documents accepted by the Exporter (our Importer of B/B L/C), the applicant (our Exporter) submit a prayer for acceptance of the documents.
(Model of Acceptance Letter)
(Model as follows:)
(As like as the all formalities are for B/B L/C Local)
Step: 17 :        To issue a acceptance maturity  date to the supplier of the B/B L/C.
To pass the following voucher:
Dr.       Banker’s Liability B/B L/C.
Cr.       Customer Liability B/B L/C.
Dr.       Customers Liability B/B Bills
Cr.       Banker Liability B/B Bills.
Dr.       Party Account
Cr.       Acceptance Commission of B/B L/C (0.50%)
Cr.       CICC (0.20%)
Cr.       Other Charges (Stationery) –  If any.
Step: 18 :        If the all Fabrics, accessories are received by the Exporter (for RMG). Party request to Bank to issue an Exp. Form to export the goods. Bankers issue a Exp. Form to the Exporter to give the serial No. from the Exp. Issuing Register are as follows:

  1. Date of issue.
  2. EXP Serial No.
  3. Name & Address of the Exporter
  4. Commodities
  5. Amount declared in Exp.
  6. Date of certificate
  7. Initial of the Banker (certificate issuing official)
  8. Date of shipment
  9. Bill No. (FBP/FBC)
  10. Date of Negotiation or sending document abroad for collection of the Export Proceeds.
  11. Date of submission on of duplicate copy of Exp. Form to Bangladesh Bank.
  12. Date realisation
  13. Amount realised in F. Currency.
  14. Taka amount paid to the Exporter & rate of exchange applied.
  15. Date of submission of triplicate copy to Bangladesh Bank.
  16. Remarks (If any).

Step: 19 :        To Export the goods, the Exporter submit a prayer to negotiate the documents.
(Model of Application / Prayer by Exporter) (FOR FBC)
ABC Bank Ltd.
Sub: Export documents of US$.                              agt. Export L/C No.

Dear sir,

Please find enclosed a set of Export documents of              Pcs/Set ………….. Polo/Shirt/         against the above L/C for US$.                     and requested your good -self to send the documents on collection basis for collection of remittance.
Thanks and regds.
Yours truely,
(Sign. & Seal)

  • Enclosed:
    Draft – 02 copy
    Invoice –
    P/L –
    B/L –
    GSP –
    Export License
    BNF Certificate
    Packing Control Certificate
    Inspection Certificate (if required)
    AZO – Free certificate (if required)
    Form (dully signed by customs Authority)
    Certificate of Original
    Phyto sanitary /Health certificate etc.

Step: 20 :        To issue a FBC No. on the top of the Application of FBC and all Pages of FBC documents (Minimum Two set documents) and make a New file of FBC.
The column FBC/FBP Register:

  1. Date
  2. FBC No.
  3. Under Export L/C
  4. On whose Account (Our Clients)
  5. Particulars
  6. Place drown on
  7. Amount:
    1. Foreign Currency
    2. Rate
    3. Taka
  8. Particulars of documents
    1. Date
    2. BL/TR
    3. Invoice No.
    4. Insurance Policy No.
  9. Usasnce of Bills: at sight
  10. Particulars of goods:
  11. Name of steamer Carring goods: (Truck/Vessel name)
  12. date of arrival to destination
  13. Special Instruction
  14. Date of documents ask by Correspondence.
  15. Remarks/Recovering.
  16. Date of realised.
  17. Remarks/Exp No.

To send the FBC documents to Exp. L/C issuing Bank with Bank’s forwarding
[Model of Bank forwarding]
Voucher to Passed:
Dr.       Foreign Bill for Lodged (FBL)
Cr.       Foreign Bill for Collection (FBC)
Step: 21 : On receipt of Credit advice of the Export Bill form the foreign correspondent Bank, Bank realised the bill on collection at specified rate and rest amount will be paid to Party (Exporter) Account after divestment of all liability (if any).
Voucher to be Passed:
Dr.       FBC Account [Reversal of contra voucher]
Cr.       FBL
Dr.       Head Office [Foreign Bank as per Credit advice/Export proceeds]
Cr.       Party’s Account after adjustment of liability (if any)
Cr.       Income Account Commission/Charges

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