Retail banking image

Retail Banking

Retail Banking Retail Banking-A retail bank is a bank which works with consumers directly. Retail banks allow consumers to purchase homes, cars and consumer products by providing mortgages and loans. […]

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Islamic Mode of Finance

Islamic Banking Modes

Islamic Banking Modes Islamic banks do not directly deal in money. They run business with money. The funds of Islamic banks are mainly invested in the following modes: 1)            Mudaraba; 2)            […]

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Bank Image

Types of bank

Types of Bank Types of bank Bank may be classified are as follows: A) Based on organizational Characteristic B) Based on Technique A) Types of Bank based on organizational Characteristic: […]

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Commercial Invoice Type

Commercial Invoice

Commercial Invoice The invoice is the list of articles containing their particulars and prices. It is also book-keeping instruments for the importer. i. The description of the good / Merchandise […]

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