Locker facility and procedures thereof

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 Locker facility and procedures thereof


With a view to expanding services to the clients, for safe keeping of jewellery, valuables, documents etc. Lockers may be installed to the Branches:

  1. The operation of lockers may be made as per following guidelines:
  2. Following size of lockers may be available to the Branches.
Size of locker Size of Chamber No of Chambers
Large 9″x 14″ x 23.5 As per requirement
Medium 4.5″ x 14″ x23.5″ Do
Small 4.5″ x 7″ x73.5″ Do
  1. Rent Chargeable:
Size of locker Amount of Rent
Large Tk-2000/- Per Year
Medium Tk- 1500/- Per Year
Small Tk- 1000/- Per Year

Yearly rent shall be received in full at the time of allotment of locker & thereafter on annual basis. The rent so received shall be credited to the Income A/C Rent from Locker for which a main Head of income is to be opened in Income and Expenditure Ledger as well as in Statement of Income and Expenditure.
iii) Security Deposit for Locker : For all types of Lockers security deposit shall be realised @ Tk-1000 for each key. This amount is refundable to the locker holder at the time of surrender of locker. This amount shall be accounted for in the subsidiary ledger under separate Subhead “sundry Deposit A/C Security Deposit for locker” Which should also be shown on the back of the Daily statement of affairs under broad head “Sundry Deposit A/C”

  1. Locker may be allotted to any client at the discretion of the Branch In charge.
  2. Locker will be rented out to the clients on obtaining an application on the prescribed form which should have the terms and conditions of hiring the locker printed at the back. Apart from signing in the front page of the form, the locker holder must also sign on the back page thereof as a token of having accepted the terms and conditions.
  3. Specimen signatures of the locker holder shall be recorded in signature card and the same as well as the signatures on the application must be attested by the Manager.
  4. Preferably in all cases and invariably where the signature of the locker holder is not firm i.e raw, a password (code word) should be obtained and the same shall be noted on the application form as well as on the specimen signature card to facilitate operation of locker without doubt.
  5. A locker holder who wishes to authorize a third person to operate the locker may do so by duly signing authorized form and enclosing therewith the specimen signature duly attested by him. Such arrangement must however, be noted in the locker ledger where in locker accounts shall be maintained,
  6. Locker shall be allotted on yearly basis.
  7. The locker holder shall be handed over with the key of locker while the master key shall be retained by the Bank as custodian of the locker.
  8. Operation of the locker shall be allowed twice in a week within business hours of the bank.
  9. Before allowing the locker holder or his authorized agent to operate the locker he must sign in the appropriate column of the locker operation register in presence of the authorized officer of the Bank who will attest the same form the specimen recorded with the bank. He shall also ask the password and verify the same and shall allow access to the locker only when he is satisfied beyond doubt as to his or her identity.
  10. Locker ledger shall be properly maintained.
  11. The locker shall be under the charge of a responsible officer preferably Manager and the locker cabinets shall be placed in the strong room/ locker room or in a safe place which is not accessible to the others beyond the knowledge of the Manager or authorized officer of the bank.
  12. Receipt for key deposit & rent shall be given duly filled in and signed.
  13. The keys of the locker Room door shall be retained by the Manager & 2nd officer of the respective branch as custodian of the locker Room.
What conditions should be fulfilled to exercise the right of set-off
 Locker facility and procedures thereof