How to import and Export through L/C

How to import and Export through L/C

Key point of Discussion

Workshop on “ How to import and Export through L/C ”
General Concept About Foreign Exchange Operation
Concept of Foreign Exchange
Local Regulation for Foreign Exchange
Foreign Exchange Regulation Act
Guideline for Foreign Exchange Transaction
Foreign Exchange Circular
Export Import Policy
Public Notice
Instruction from different Ministry
International Regulations for Foreign Exchange
World Trade Organization (WTO)
International Chamber of Commerce(ICC)
URR ICC Publication 525
UR for collection ICC Publication 522
INCO Terms 2000
International Standard Banking Practice (ISBP)
Authorized Dealer
License of Authorized Dealer
Function of Authorized Dealer
Foreign Exchange Market
Types of Foreign Exchange Market
Term used in Foreign Exchange Market operation
Trade Transaction
Method of Foreign Trade Payment
Bank’s Involvement in Foreign Trade
L/C Operation
Type of L/C
Parties are involved in L/C Operation
Flow Chart of L/C Operational Mechanism
Documents involved in L/C
Foreign Correspondent
Foreign Correspondent Relationship
Accounting Relationship
Exchange Rate and Their Application
Foreign Exchange Business of SIBL
A. Import Section:
An overview of Import Business
Import Policy Order
Classification of Importer
Registration of Importer
Problem to Obtain IRC
Import Flowchart
Operational Mechanism of Import Section
Procedure of Opening Letter of Credit
1.Required docs. Submit by Importer
2.Collection information from Importer
3.Preperation of Credit Report
4.Required docs. provided by Bank
5.Cover Note with money receipt
6.Examination of L/C Application
7.Preperation of L/C Proposal
8.Numbering of L/C
9.Diposal of L/C
10.Pre-shpment Inspection
Examination & Scrutiny of Import Documents:
Lodgement of Import Documents
Payment Settlement of Import L/C
Retirement of Import Documents
Reporting to Bangladesh Bank
B: Export Section
Export Business
Flow Char of Export (manufacturing)
Operational Mechanism of Export
Export L/C Checking & Advising
Obtaining Export Facilities from Bank
Lien of Master L/C
Procedure of Opening Back to Back L/C
Mechanism of Acceptance
Pre-shipment Financing
Negotiation of Export Documents
Post-Shipment Financing
Proceed Realization Procedure
Formalities of BTB L/C Payment
Formalities of BTB L/C Payment when export fails
Formalities of Buying House Commission Payment
EXP Form Reporting to Bangladesh Bank
Local Export Bill Purchasing & Discounting
C: Remittance Section
An overview of Foreign Currency Account
1.Private Foreign Currency Account
2. Required documents for Foreign Currency Account
3. Salient feature of Foreign Currency Account
4. Eligible person for Foreign Currency Account
5. Terms and conditions for Foreign Currency Account
6. Resident Foreign Currency Deposit Account
7. Convertible and non-Convertible Taka Account
8. Others A/C’s
1. Procedure of inward remittance
a. Encashment of Traveler’s Cheque(T.C.)
b. Encashment of cash
c. Encashment of Draft and T.T.
d. Ways and methods of inward remittance
2. Procedure of outward remittance
a. Ways and methods of outward remittance
b. Ground of outward remittance
c. Issuance of Foreign Currency

  • Exporters and Importers
  • Bankers, Insurance Personnel, Students
  • Anyone who are interested


  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • Interactive Discussion

v  Question and Answer
Resource Person:
Md. Makhluk Hasan Ph.D (Banking)
Associate Fellow of IIBI, London,UK
Master of Demography,ISRT, DU
MBA(Finance & Banking),SMUCT
PGD (Islamic Banking & Insurance),IIBI, Dharhum University, London
Visiting Faculty: Newport University, EU ( Bangladesh Campus)
Venue :
BlackStone Institute, House No-13/A,Dhanmondi, Dhaka, Bangladesh
{ Tea break 10.30AM, Prayer and Launch break 12.45 PM to 1.45 PM, Tea break 4.00PM}
Note: Certificate and Booklet provided to all participant by the organizer.
Date & Time :
Date: 27th April 2012
Time: 9:30am – 5:30pm
Workshop Fees:
Tk. 2500.00/Participant
Jointly Organized by
BlackStone Institute, House No-13/A,Dhanmondi, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Phone: 9137169, 9137261 Mobile : (+ 88) 01717 573157,E-mail :

                 (First Digital Bank Employee’s Association in Bangladesh)

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