International Money Express

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International Money Express

International Money Express (IME) is  a international money remittance company.Its headquarter situated in –. IME provides various services: such as 1) Sending money : Cash, cash to account, online transfer and door to door delivery  2) Receiving money etc by completing some simple steps.IME Remit ® provides their services through international network among 20 countries of whole world.It has 75,000 agents all over the world.All are leading global financial organizations.
Four steps to send money through IME:
IME provides their service fast, reliable and secure remittance through their global network.
To find any one of the IME’s principal companies, branches or agents for sending money.
To identify the customer they received a valid identification card and the amount of money which to be sent.
Senders fill up the prescribed form where sender the remittance sending form mentioning your and receiver’s personal details,remittance amount as well as the transfer fees to the agent.
Sender get a unique eleven digit IME Control Number (ICN). Send this number to the receiver who can use this number to collect payment from any of IME agents in his/her country.
Four steps to receive cash through IME:

IME’s remittance procedures are simple ,ensure fast, reliable and secure remittance service to their customers.
Receiver  can collect your money from any one of IME’s principal companies, branch or agents all over  the world.
Carry a valid identification card and the unique eleven digit IME Control Number (ICN) provided by the sender.
Receivers claim remitted amount to fill up  form mentioning your personal & the sender’s details. Give to IME representative the duly filled form.
Remittance amount will be provided to you once the given details are verified.
IME Services Network:
IME provides their service in Australia, Bangladesh,Brunei, China,Indonesia,Japan,Oman, Nepal, Philippines, Vietnam, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia,  Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, United Kingdom, United States of America, Singapore, India, Malaysia, and other European countries.


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