Information-sharing meetings

Information-sharing meetings

Information-sharing meetings differ from problem -solving

How do information-sharing meetings differ from problem -solving or decision making?

Ans. Meeting are called to solve problems or share information.
Information-sharing meeting is a sitting of a group people for proper decision on a discussing matter/topic. Meeting can be an extremely useful forum for making key decisions and co-ordinating the activities of people and departments. Theoretically, the interaction of the participants should lead to good decisions based on the combined intelligence of the group. Whether the meeting is held to solve a problem or to share information, the participants gain a sense of involvement and importance from their attendance.
Because they share in the decision, they accept it and are committed to seeing it succeed.
Meeting help us to understand the topic more accurately and effectively. That does not mean that we already solve the problem or to make the decision on certain situation.
After getting the information from all of us, then we can so through scanning process to identify the best possible information or blend the information by which are can reach into a decision or may solve the arisen problem. So information -sharing meeting also helps us to determine the actual problem and also recognize the proper decision that will be taken for decision making.
It is universal -“Many men have many mind” if any organization arranging information sharing meeting with more people/group people, they get extra information obviously.
For this, information-sharing meeting takes a vital role to reach a suitable decision against the problem. It is mentioned here that in information sharing meeting take more time to take decisions but the decision may be actual and also suitable for the problem.
From the above discussion, it is seen -“Information sharing meetings differ from problem solving or decision making.”



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