How to Use an ATM and avoid hacking

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How to Use an ATM and avoid hacking

Most of the people do not know how to use Automatic teller Machine (ATM). I do believe my topics will help you to use ATM easily.  At first, we have to know about the basic manual hacking of Bank accounts using ATM Machines all over the World!
ATM is the acronym of automatic teller machine (ATM),which is also known as an automated banking machine (ABM) in Canada, is a computerized telecommunications device that provides the clients of a bank or financial institution with right of entry to financial transactions in a public space without any a cashier, human clerk or bank teller.

9 Steps  To Use ATM

Step 01
To enter the ATM card to entry point of the machine.
Step 02
To enter the personal Identification Number (PIN).
Step 03
To press enter the keyboard of the ATM.
Step 04
The transaction screen provided by the ATM and select the transaction as per your requirement.
Step 05
If you want to withdrawal cash from the ATM. Please select withdrawals and press enter withdrawals key.
Step 06
How much amount you want to withdrawals, please mentioned and press enter key.
Step 07
ATM provided the mentioned amount of currency, please take it and count it instantly.
Step 08
ATM return your card to entry point of the machine.
Step 09
Your ATM card will come out with a mini statement. Please preserved it if required.

ATM Benefits

• ATM cash machine can use 24 hours a day and 365days a year
• Hassle free transaction can made by the card holder
• Revenue earn on each transaction by the organization or institution
• Self driven banking tools
• Reduce the amount of uses of cheques
• Enhance sales
• Most secured
• Convenient service for customers
• To meet up the urgent needs of the customers
• Possibly reduce merchant card service fees
• Any time it can be used
• It is open public set up so card holder/customers used friendly
• Any time Cash withdrawals
• Any time Cash deposits
• Anytime Balance enquiry or checking the balance in the bank account
• Anytime bills payment
• Change of personal identification number (PIN)
• Request of cheque book
• Funds transfer from one account to another account

Do You  know how ATM (Auto Teller Machine) works?

Most of the people known that money is filled in a money box in the ATM machine which is placed in right inside of the house where the machine is setup with enough security.
If anyone intend to hack this machine manually, He should have to get an ATM card, whether it is valid or not, as long as it can freely enter into the machine. Then get & light the candle or should i say provide a candle wax and apply to cover the panel on the ATM CARD, covering that panel will make the card look defualt to the machine.
At this time, go to any Bank near you and try this trick, but if you are caught by security, that is your own problem-solving matter not mine. When you get to the machine, insert the card and enter a default pin which is 0000. What have you seen ? Wait a while and see the action afterwards. The ATM machine will give out cash based on the amount requested. But sometimes the machine would say “card not smart” or it would just eject your card. The reasons here is because some ATM machines are upgraded while others are not.

How do you know the machine is upgraded?

To know an upgraded ATM machine, you will have observed that most times when you use a particular ATM machine, as the machine is give out the cash, the bank will also send you a debit alert. If the machine is not upgraded, it may take up to 30 minutes before the bank sends a debit alert. The candle trick is 60% efficient on a machine that is not upgrade but it may not work on upgraded machine because of its sensitivity.
Security of ATM:
Security 1:
Most ATM’s are covered by CCTV. The thief will therefore have his face covered.
The thief will have to wait about 20 seconds (which can seem like an eternity when in a rush) and the ATM may make some noise thereafter. The best time to attempt this hack is therefore at night, when there is nobody around. Remember, most ATM’s are accessible 24 hours a day.
Security 3:
Apparently the thief will need to know the pin number. This hack is not about hacking the pin. The thief can use their own credit card, at least once.
The thief must find out whether the bank operates a ‘cash retraction/retention policy’ for their ATM machines. Most banks do have such a policy.
How to protect hacking an ATM Machine or Bank Account
There are various way banks can do to improve their security. If machines can count cash out, they should be able to count incoming cash from the same cash vending machine. Or banks may disable the automatic cash retraction policy and have the account holder come in to the bank to make a claim.
Some banks have cancelled their cash retraction policy, altogether.
But banks in the UK appear to be moving in the opposite direction. In the past, banks such as HSBC, Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) and Tesco Bank held on to retracted money in reserve until the account holder made a claim.
Barclays Bank plc and Lloyds TSB Group have an automatic cast re-crediting policy, as do Santander but only if the account holder is a Santander customer.
It is time for banks to improve their ATM technology so the cash can be counted back into the machine.
Beware Fake ATMs
One of the biggest ATM-based scams over the years has been the use of fake machines, positioned in places where consumers might not have expected to find them, perhaps at music festivals or in shopping malls.
Essentially boxes with cannibalised laptop parts inside, these devices appear to be the genuine article, but of course they don’t have any money in them. Instead, they’re designed to read your card and record your PIN, and then inform you that there is no cash to withdraw.

With your card and PIN numbers recorded, the perpetrators can then raid your bank account.
The best protection here is to avoid using stand alone ATMs. Sadly the recent increase in such devices has made spotting suspicious ATM units difficult, so the best option is for you to apply a blanket ban on them.
ATM Modifications That Can Steal Your Card Details & PIN
Perhaps it’s not possible to avoid ATMs entirely; maybe you think the threat is overstated.
Skimming is the term given to the process of recording credit card numbers, PINs and any other security information stored on the card, so that it might be used by a criminal third party, perhaps online or as a physical clone. This can be done with portable machines or by criminals modifying existing ATMs.
Several such ATMs have been spotted over the past few years, some featuring small cameras recording your card number and PIN (the images are transmitted to a nearby laptop), while others have been modified with fake keypads to record your PIN (perhaps used in conjunction with cameras). Most audacious of all are the fake ATM fronts, where new keypads, card readers or both are added to an existing machine.
With hoaxes like these in circulation, you can see why ATM use can prove extremely dangerous to your bank balance!
Precaution to avoid hacking Use An ATM?
The question has to be asked: why would you continue to use an ATM given the threats that exist worldwide? Criminal gangs across all continents are using these methods to siphon funds away from the pockets of innocent people, so take into account everything you have learned here next time you consider using an ATM to withdraw cash.
Several alternatives are available if you want to withdraw cash. First, use the bank branch wherever possible, or failing this, get cashback on your purchases. In some countries, you might be able to withdraw from your account at a post office or other business, which will save you travelling to a bank branch.
If there is no alternative – you have to use an ATM – then perform checks on the machine before using it. Look for an unusual keypad, additional fittings and even tap the surface to ensure that it isn’t hollow.
Also, try to choose a machine that you have seen two or more people using beforehand.
Recently 14th February 2015
Bangladesh Bank on Sunday confirmed the ‘freak transactions’ in six ATM booths in the city, reports news agency UNB.
The central bank in a statement said as per its collected information, the incidents took place in six ATM booths.
However, it did no disclose the name of any bank in this regard. Meanwhile, it has been reported that the incidents took place at the ATM booths of Eastern Bank Limited on Friday by using duplicate cards of clients.
The central bank said the money from the ATM booths was withdrawn by using duplicate cards collecting information of clients’ cards and PIN numbers through installing video camera and skimming devices.
Against this backdrop, it directed the banks to install anti-skimming devices, conduct regular monitoring of video footage, and not to allow any unauthorised person to install any new devices or repair any such devices in the ATM booths.
Specially, the security guards have to be alerted to protect the ATM booths from such crimes, the statement said. It said the Bangladesh Bank has already taken measures to determine the responsibility of the bank concerned in order to pay back the money to the affected bank clients.
It also mentioned that the information and details of the affected clients were sent to the bank concerned on Saturday. In this regard, bank was instructed to prepare the lists of the affected clients to inform them and cancel their cards and issue new ones.
An inspection team of Bangladesh Bank visited the ATM booths where such fraudulency took place.

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