DPS Of All BD Bank

DPS Of All BD Bank



Insurance Features

The monthly installments have built in life insurance coverage which assures the maturity value of the deposit in case of depositor’s death due to any cause (excluding pre-existing illness/disability, AIDS, suicide, murder or assault, war or warlike operation etc.).
If the depositor dies anytime during the DPS period – even after depositing a single installment – EBL shall pay back the full maturity value subject to fulfillment of Insurance requirements.
World’s leading Insurance Company Metlife ALICO is providing the life insurance coverage in EBL Secure DPS.
The depositor shall be bound by the terms and conditions stated in the master group insurance policy and EBL shall not be liable for any claim declined by Metlife ALICO, Bangladesh.

Other Features

EBL Secure can be opened for a period of Five years only.
Any Bangladeshi Citizen aged 18 years to 55 years can open this account
EBL Secure can be opened at any multiple of Tk. 500 to Tk. 13,000 per month
One customer can open more than one “EBL Secure DPS”, however total monthly installment amount must not be above 13,000 for a single customer
Automatic realization of monthly installments
EBL Secure DPS will be closed if three installments are unpaid.
Maximum 90% Loan facility
In case of Early encashment, Interest forfeiture will be as below:
– Closed Before One Year – No Interest will be provided
– Closed After one Year but before three Year- Interest at prevailing Savings Rate
– Closed After 3 Year-Interest at EBL Secure DPS Rate

Maturity Table

Installment Maturity Amount before tax Installment Maturity Amount before tax
500 36,973 7,000 517,623
1,000 73,946 7,500 554,596
1,500 110,919 8,000 591,569
2,000 147,892 8,500 628,542
2,500 184,865 9,000 665,515
3,000 221,838 9,500 702,488
3,500 258,811 10,000 739,461
4,000 295,784 10,500 776,434
4,500 332,757 11,000 813,407
5,000 369,730 11,500 850,380
5,500 406,703 12,000 887,354
6,000 443,677 12,500 924,327
6,500 480,650 13,000 961,300


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