Definition of Retail Investment

Definition of Retail Investment

Definition of Retail Investment

Definition of Retail Investment:

Retail Investment encompasses the range of products and services offered by a bank to individuals to meet individual banking and ancillary needs.

In fact Retail Investment in SIBL delivers diversified financial products and services including savings accounts, salary accounts, deposit schemes,  as well as various lending products i.e., Consumer financing, Home Financing, Auto Financing facilities and so on tailored in a customized way to bring utmost comfort and enhance the lifestyle of the consumers of different segments.


Retail Investment Department (RID) has formally inaugurated in June 2015 under Investment Risk Management Division (IRMD) with the objective to cater retail investment products in the target market.

Retail Investment Department (RID) started functioning under Consumer Investment Division (CID) since December 2016

  • Consumer Investment Facility:
  1. A) SIBL Islamic Consumers Finance
  2. B) SIBL Islamic Consumer Finance for Freedom Fighters
  • Automobile Facility:
  1. A) SIBL Islamic Auto Finance
  • Mortgage Facility
  1. A) SIBL Islamic House Finance
  2. B) SIBL Islamic House Solution Investment Facility (Apon Thikana)


Right now SIBL Branches are the basic business channels for Retail marketing of its investment products.

Why Retail Investment?

  • It reduces the risk due to large no. of retail customers;
  • Income is good (Profit income & fee Income);
  • Since it is an EMI (Equal Monthly Installment) base investment, we have opportunity to re-invest the fund shortly;
  • Customize & wide ranging products are available.

Investment Feature

Loan amount BDT 50,000.00 to Maximum BDT 5,00,000.00.
Repayment tenure Minimum 1year to Maximum 4 years.
Payment method – Equal Monthly Installments.
Competitive interest rate.
No early settlement & partial adjustment fees required.
No hidden cost.


Age limit – Minimum 25 years, Maximum 57 years at loan maturity.
Minimum income BDT 15,000.00 per month.
For salaried individual, minimum service length of 3 year and must be a confirmed employee. For self employed individual, a business record of minimum 3 years.