Conversion over the telephone

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Conversion over the telephone

Conversion over the telephone:

1. Pick up the phone in three rings

2. Greet the caller, e.g.”hello”, good morning”.

3. Give your name, e.g.,”Hi, my name is Makhluk”

4. Ask the customer if or how you can help.

5. Put it all together and you have a good example:


1. Putting a customer on hold

2. Transferring Call

3. Taking a message

4. Ending the call
Prompt Answering of Business E-mail.Answering your business email promptly should be a priority for all business. Not only is e-mail an important communication line with your customers, it is often used by them to gauge that you are trustworthy.

If a customer send you an e-mail with a simple questions, and you take forever to answer it, what does that say about the rest of your question? It ‘s one of the tell-tale signs customers uses to separate men from boys. And we all want to play with the big guys, don’t we?
Talking about big business, surveys show that the top-500 fail miserably at answering their business  email.Jupiter communication reported that 42% took more than 5 days to answer a simple question.
In the world of Internet, that might as well have been forever. If a customer has wait and long for an answer, most likely she will have taken their business elsewhere 35% of companies don’t even bother  to answer at all. Forrester Research is reporting figures that are similar.

Business e-mail should be answered with in 24 hours maximum.No exceptions.At that rate, you are doing a lot better than a lot of other businesses.

If you really want a customer service to shine, you should consider answering your business e-mail twice a day with a 12 hour interval.

It is even better to check out your direct competition by sending them an e-mail as if you are a potential customer. Send them more than one on several days.

Especially check out Mondays, Fridays and weekends.Track the time it’s taking them to answer, and implement a procedure to beat them at the business e-mail game.

It may difficult for small businesses to promptly reply to e-mail as resources are limited. However, your stream of business e-mail is most likely to be a lot less than that of bigger companies.If you check and answer e-mail reply regularly, your staff will be more than likely be able to cope with the workload.