Bank’s lending criteria for short term credit,

Professionalism in the Banking Sector,

Bank of Bangladesh Locker facility and procedures thereof ,

Payza Facilities bank lists in Bangladesh,

Different Types of Guarantee in Banking,

Clearing House -Function, Procedure & Accounting ,

Regular used words in banking world ,

Different Types of Banking,

Group Banking and Chain Banking,

ABSA Flexi Account,

Factors to be considered evaluating a proposal

Factors to be considered evaluating a proposal Identify and briefly describe the factors to be considered when evaluating a proposal? Certain analytical reports are called proposals; these include bids to perform work under a contract and pleas for financial support from outsiders. Such bids and pleas are nearly always formal. […]

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Supervision, Follow-Up And Monitoring Of Advances

Supervision, Follow-Up And Monitoring Of Advances Lending is one of the most important functions of a commercial bank and with the modern concept of social order and participation of commercial banks in various phases of commercial, industrial, agricultural and other economic activities of the country, it is of paramount importance […]

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Islamic Banking vs. Conventional Banking

Islamic Banking vs. Conventional Banking Islamic Banking vs. Conventional Banking (Foreign Exchange Mode) From the view point of Islamic “Shariah’ (law), in order to be justified as an Islamic way of dealing with financial transactions the banking systems has to avoid interest. Consequently, financial intermediation in Islamic banking between the bank […]

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MICR Cheque

MICR Cheque: The short type for ink Character Recognition is MICR, that could be a recognition technology supported characters written with ink or toner and processed by being magnetized and detected magnetically. MICR characters square measure written data on documents in order that the code line data is captured by […]

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Basic Principles of Bank

Basic Principles of Bank Basic Principles of Bank: Bank runs their business by taking the money of others so it is a risky business organization. Avoiding all risk to establish strong, dependable and skilled banking business otherwise the economic developments will be hampered of the country. To setup a strong […]

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Mobile banking Features

Mobile banking features Mobile banking Features: Mobile banking is a system for the customer to act upon banking procedures on his or her cell phone or other mobile appliance. It is a popular technique of banking that fits in well with a busy, technologically oriented lifestyle. It might also be […]

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Bank contributions images

Bank contributions

Bank contributions Bank contributions to trade commerce are very important to a country. It is not possible for the development of a country without bank management. Any country in the world is not self-sufficient in goods and services. So one country of the world depends on others for the fulfillment […]

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SMS-Banking easily

SMS Banking

SMS Banking 1. What is SMS Banking? This is a service that allows customers to access their account information via mobile phones. SMS banking services are operated by using both push and pull messages. Push messages are those messages that the bank chooses to send out to a customer’s mobile […]

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The function of the Product Development Manager

The function of the Product Development Manager The Product Development Manager: Duties and Responsibilities: 1. Develop Branch Recognition: •    Develop a plan on execution for branding activities and contribute to budget development. •    To develop and executed brand visibility strategies. •    Launch new products and re-brand existing products to sustain […]

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