Types of Bank of India Credit Cards

Types of Bank of India Credit Cards

Bank of India
Bank of India is a financial services provider commercial bank founded in the 1906 on September 7th. It has its head-quarters in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. It is a type of a public company providing retail as well as commercial banking facility to the consumers. It has a total of above 4545 bank-branches controlled through 50 Zonal offices.

The Indian Financial System Code or the IFSC code is a unique alphanumeric code that specially identifies the branch of the bank that is involved in Electronic Fund Transfers. Every bank-branch has a varied IFSC code providing a unique identification to each branch.

Types of Bank of India Credit Cards

Bank of India offers the best-in-class credit card options to its customers. Each credit card has a special feature that caters to all the financial needs of the consumers. The different types of credit cards are as follows:
Visa Gold Card: This card supports revolving credit facility and provides credit free from any kind of interest. Bill payment facility and cash advance facility are also incorporated.
Visa Gold Card International Card: This card supports higher access of cash globally, interest free credit, emergency card replacement and also revolving credit facilities.
Visa Platinum Privilege Card: This is used in both Domestic and International markets with a photo and signature of the card-holder.
Taj Premium Card: This is a free of charge card that is provided to Taj members enabling them to enjoy several dining privileges.
India Card: This card is valid in India, Nepal and Bhutan and is free. It has flexible credit limits and provides reward points on spends.
Credit Card Statement
Monthly credit card statement is given to all clients of Bank of India either in a physical or in an electronic format.
Interest Rates
Bank of India offers a wide variety of Savings Bank Accounts to the customer that takes care of their savings. They are:
Star Diamond Savings Account.
BOI Savings Account
BOI Super Saving Plus
Star Power Salary Account
BOI Star Mahila SB Account
BOI Salary Plus Account Scheme
BOI Savings Plus Schemes
BOI Savings Account(no frills)
Jai Jawan Salary Plus Account
Star Suraksha SB Plus Account
BOI Star Gurukul SB Account
All the above types of Savings Accounts earn 4% interest rate per annum that is applicable twice in a year in February and August.
Bank of India Fixed Deposit Interest Rates
Bank of India offers special and exciting fixed return on all the investments of the consumers in the form of fixed deposits. The rate of interest varies for different term deposits. These are:

Fixed Deposit Rates for Short-term Deposits: The rate of interest for short-term deposits ranges from 4.5% to 8.25%.
Fixed Deposit Rates on medium and long-term deposits: The fixed deposit interest rates for medium and long term deposits are constant at 8.9% applying on holdings up to 5 years.
Fixed Deposit Rates for Senior Citizens: For senior citizens, the interest rate has an increase of 0.50% making them 8.75% that remains constant for short-term holdings.
Bank of India NRI Banking
Apart from many domestic banking services, Bank of India also provides international services to all Non-Resident Indians. These are:

Foreign Currency Non-Resident(FCNR) Accounts
Forex Card
Integrated Treasury
N.R.E.(Non-Resident External) Accounts
Star e-Limit
Again, the NRIs can deposit their savings under these two schemes:
NRE Accounts: It is a type of savings, current and term deposit account whose currency is Indian Rupees that is completely repatriable.
FCNR Accounts: It is a type of term deposit, where the currency used is USD, GBP, EUR, JPY, AUD, and CAD that is fully repatriable.
Bank of India Home Loans
Bank of India offers a wide range of home loans that caters to all the home related needs and requirements of the customers at very competitive rates. These loans can be taken to buy, renovate or repair the house at an interest rate calculated on a daily basis. The type of home loan scheme is as follows:

Star Home Loans: This scheme provides loans for buying a new house, purchasing a plot for construction of a house, renovation of the existing home involving no administrative charges. It provides loan at a comparatively low rate as compared to the market. It also provides free insurance cover to the loan-holder.
Bank of India types of Loans
Bank of India offers a wide variety of loans that are best-in-class and satisfies almost all the basic needs of the consumers. The different loans are:

Star Autofin
Star Educational Loan
Star Holiday Loan
Star Home Loan
Star I.P.O.
Star Mortgage Loan
Star Mitra Personal Loan
Star Pensioners Loan Scheme
Star Personal Loan

Bank of India Internet Banking

BOI enables its customers to indulge in many internet banking services available to them 24/7 and 365 days a year. For a successful net-banking to take place, the consumers have to just register themselves on the BOI website and thereon they can enjoy net-banking facility at the comfort of their home. The different services offered are:
Payment of Bills
Inter-bank transfer of funds
Internet Banking
Mobile Banking
Payment of various taxes
Booking of air, or train tickets

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