Bangladesh Krishi Bank

Bangladesh Krishi Bank (BKB): Empowering Agriculture and Rural Development

Bangladesh Krishi Bank (BKB): Empowering Agriculture and Rural Development

Bangladesh Krishi Bank
Bangladesh Krishi Bank

Bangladesh Krishi Bank (BKB) is a fully government owned bank in Bangladesh/ It is founded in 1973. The primary purpose of the bank is to provide services to farmers and agricultural industry.

In the heart of Bangladesh’s economic landscape lies the Bangladesh Krishi Bank (BKB), an institution dedicated to propelling the nation’s agricultural sector and fostering rural development. As the largest specialized bank in the country, BKB plays a pivotal role in supporting farmers, agribusinesses, and rural communities. This article delves into the significance of Bangladesh Krishi Bank, its role in agricultural growth, and the impact it has on the nation’s socio-economic fabric.

Capital of BKB :
Authorized capital of the bank as determined by the government amounts to Tk. 1500 (Fifteen hundred) Crore only and paid up capital Tk. 900 (Nine Hundred) Crore only

Vision of BKB :
Providing loan facilities for achieving self sufficiency in food production and strengthening rural economy.

Mission of BKB :
Besides reaching banking facilities to the people’s doorsteps, giving agricultural, SME and agro based industrial loans for achieving self sufficiency in food production and elimination of poverty.

Deposit Scheme of BKB :
BKB Fixed Deposit Receipt (FDR) Account, Monthly Sonchoy Scheme (MSS), BKB Monthly Profit Scheme, Time Deposits (BKB own products).

Head Office LocationBangladesh Krishi Bank, Head Office (Krishi Bank Bhaban),
83-85, Motijheel C/A, Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh.
Latitude: 23.7279
Longitude: 90.4182
Bangladesh Krishi Bank
Bangladesh Krishi Bank


Authorized CapitalTK.1500.00 Crore
Paid up CapitalTK. 900.00 Crore
Core Services
  • Deposit Operational Banking
  • Credit Programs
  • Online Banking
  • Foreign Remittance
  • Automated Clearing (BACH)
  • ATM & Debit Card Facilities
  • RTGS Facility
  • Fund Transfer
  • SMS Alert

Table of Contents

  1. Origin and Establishment of BKB
  2. BKB’s Mission and Vision
  3. Services and Offerings
    • Financial Services Tailored for Agriculture
    • Microfinance and Rural Credit
    • Agro-based Industry Financing
  4. Branch Network and Accessibility
  5. Collaboration with Government Initiatives
  6. Advancing Technological Integration
  7. Financial Inclusion and Empowerment
    • Supporting Women in Agriculture
  8. Sustainable Agriculture Initiatives
  9. Role in Poverty Alleviation
  10. BKB’s Contribution to Food Security
  11. Innovations in Agricultural Banking
    • Mobile Banking for Farmers
  12. Challenges and Future Prospects
  13. Community Development and Social Impact
  14. International Cooperation and Partnerships
  15. Conclusion

All Branches of BKB 

Origin and Establishment of BKB

The Bangladesh Krishi Bank was established in 1973 with a primary goal of revitalizing the agricultural sector. Its creation was driven by the recognition that agriculture was the backbone of the country’s economy, and empowering farmers would lead to overall development.

BKB’s Mission and Vision

BKB’s mission is to provide accessible and affordable financial services to farmers and rural communities, enabling them to enhance their productivity and quality of life. Its vision encompasses a Bangladesh where agriculture thrives, poverty diminishes, and rural areas flourish with opportunities.

BKB Services and Offerings

Financial Services Tailored for Agriculture

BKB offers a range of financial products designed to meet the specific needs of farmers. From crop loans to machinery financing, these services ensure that farmers have the necessary resources to optimize their agricultural practices.

Microfinance and Rural Credit

Recognizing the importance of small-scale rural enterprises, BKB extends microfinance and credit facilities. This supports entrepreneurship and economic diversification at the grassroots level.

Agro-based Industry Financing

BKB’s support isn’t limited to farming alone; it extends to agro-based industries as well. By financing processing units and agribusiness ventures, BKB contributes to value addition and employment generation.

Branch Network and Accessibility

BKB’s extensive branch network reaches even the remotest corners of Bangladesh. This accessibility ensures that farmers and rural entrepreneurs can easily access banking services without facing logistical challenges.

Collaboration with Government Initiatives

BKB actively collaborates with government initiatives aimed at agricultural development. By aligning its strategies with national policies, the bank maximizes its impact and fosters holistic progress.

Advancing Technological Integration

Embracing modernization, BKB has incorporated technology into its services. Mobile banking and digital platforms enable farmers to conduct transactions conveniently and stay informed about financial literacy.

Financial Inclusion and Empowerment

Supporting Women in Agriculture

BKB champions gender equality by empowering women in agriculture. The bank provides female farmers with targeted financial support and resources, acknowledging their pivotal role in food production.

Sustainable Agriculture Initiatives

BKB promotes sustainable farming practices that conserve natural resources and reduce environmental impact. This approach ensures that agriculture remains viable for future generations.

BKB Role in Poverty Alleviation

BKB’s initiatives have a direct impact on poverty reduction. By offering financial resources and advisory services, the bank equips rural communities to break the cycle of poverty.

BKB’s Contribution to Food Security

With Bangladesh’s high population density, food security is paramount. BKB’s support to farmers and agribusinesses significantly contributes to ensuring a steady food supply for the nation.

Innovations in Agricultural Banking

Mobile Banking for Farmers

BKB’s mobile banking services have revolutionized the way farmers manage their finances. Accessible via mobile phones, this innovation empowers farmers to conduct transactions without the need for physical presence.

Challenges and Future Prospects

While BKB has made remarkable strides, challenges persist. Adapting to changing agricultural dynamics, ensuring equitable access, and embracing emerging technologies are crucial for its sustained growth.

Community Development and Social Impact

Beyond finances, BKB plays a pivotal role in community development. Through educational programs, skill development, and infrastructure projects, the bank enhances the overall quality of life in rural areas.

International Cooperation and Partnerships

BKB’s influence extends beyond borders through collaborations with international organizations. This not only enhances its expertise but also facilitates knowledge exchange for greater agricultural progress.


The Bangladesh Krishi Bank stands as a testament to the transformative power of financial institutions in shaping a nation’s development trajectory. Its unwavering commitment to agriculture and rural development has uplifted millions of lives and laid the foundation for a prosperous future. As BKB continues to innovate and adapt, its legacy of progress will endure, ensuring that Bangladesh’s agricultural potential reaches new heights.


  1. Can individuals from urban areas also benefit from BKB’s services? Yes, BKB’s services are accessible to individuals from both rural and urban areas.
  2. How does BKB contribute to environmental sustainability? BKB promotes sustainable farming practices that reduce environmental impact and preserve natural resources.
  3. What role does BKB play in women’s empowerment? BKB supports women in agriculture by providing them with targeted financial resources and assistance.
  4. How can farmers access BKB’s mobile banking services? Farmers can access BKB’s mobile banking services through their mobile phones, enabling convenient transactions.
  5. What are BKB’s future plans for technological integration? BKB aims to further integrate technology to enhance accessibility and convenience for its customers.



Bangladesh Krishi Bank (BKB)