Cause of sickness ready-made garments Industry in Bangladesh

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Cause of sickness ready-made garments Industry in Bangladesh

Cause of sickness ready-made garments Industry in Bangladesh image

01. Uneconomic size/

Imbalance Factory

Due to unplanned machinery import, part of machinery remain idle & rest of them does not work efficiently. The factory cannot survive for long.
02. Situational Disadvantages Inaccessible location, non-availability of workers, wage is high, movement of material is uneconomical.
03. Poor Management A factory with unplanned / poor management can hardly make profit.


04. Poor Technical knowledge Factory should be equipped with proper technical persons & owner should have minimum technical knowledge of the items they deal, unless factory cannot fulfill the need of the buyer.
05. Poor Labor management Factory fails to get the work done at an optimum efficiency with its work force by good labour management.
06. Lack of Owner’s Experience Garments Industry is a very much technical, which involves imports/ exports along with international trade, so experience of owner is a vital factor.
07. Lack of Owner’s Earnestness Factory requires proper planning & unless the owners are adequately earnest to their activities, the industry may gradually become sick.
08. Excessive number of Owners Excessive number of owners causes excessive overhead cost & difference of opinion among them selves causes sickness.
09. Dispute among Owners In absence of unity among the owners for common purposes of the factory’s welfare, it is to become ineffective & sick.
10. Un-resourceful Owners The owners utilize them for own cause rather for productive purposes, discontentment is bound to generate, breeding falloff efficiency culminating sickness.
11. Unimaginative Owners Owners fail to engage proper men in proper places & are less tactful in managing the affairs; the factory cannot run well for long & bound to become sick.
12. Unhealthy market competition Unhealthy market competition & procurement of uneconomic & excessive orders.
13. Banker’s Impression

& Credit Facilities

The banker’s open-heart cooperation& smooth financial assistance are the prerequisites for the success of garments factory.
14. Factory’s Impression

to Bank

The units must be able to impress the bankers by their honesty, performance & integrity, so the banker can extend credit facility with in permissible limit
15 Stock Lot Stock lot is a common affair & while chronic it is a cancer. The fate of Garments Industry depends on the successful disposal of stock lot once created.



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