Financial information of Bangladesh

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Financial information of Bangladesh

Financial Statistics year (June, 2016)

Total Number of Commercial Banks: 56

State Owned Bank: 6

(Agrani Bank Limited,Janata Bank Limited,Sonali Bank Limited,Rupali Bank Limited,Bangladesh Krishi Bank,Rajshahi Krishi Unnayan Bank)

Specialized Bank: 2

{Bangladesh Development Bank Ltd. (BDBL), Rajshahi Krishi Unnayan Bank }

Local Private Bank: 39

[1.    AB Bank Limited

2.    Al-Arafah Islami Bank Limited

3.    Bangladesh Commerce Bank Limited

4.    Bank Al-Falah Limited

5.    Bank Asia Limited

6.    BASIC Bank Limited

7.    BRAC Bank Limited

8.    Dhaka Bank Limited

9.    Dutch-Bangla Bank Limited

10.    Eastern Bank Limited

11.    EXIM Bank Limited

12.    First Security Islami Bank Limited

13.    ICB Islamic Bank Ltd.

14.    IFIC Bank Limited

15.    Islami Bank Bangladesh Ltd

16.    Jamuna Bank Ltd

17.    Janata Bank Limited

18.    Meghna Bank Limited

19.    Mercantile Bank Limited

20.    Midland Bank Limited

21.    Mutual Trust Bank Limited

22.    National Bank Limited

23.    National Credit & Commerce Bank Ltd

24.    NRB Commercial Bank Limited

25.    One Bank Limited

26.    Premier Bank Limited

27.    Prime Bank Ltd

28.    Pubali Bank Limited

29.    Shahjalal Bank Limited

30.    Shimanto Bank Limited

31.    Social Islami Bank Ltd.

32.    South Bangla Agriculture & Commerce Bank Limited

33.    Southeast Bank Limited

34.    Standard Bank Limited

35.    The City Bank Ltd.

36.    Trust Bank Limited

37.    Union Bank Limited

38.    United Commercial Bank Limited

39.    Uttara Bank Limited]

Foreign Bank : 9

( Bank Alfalah Limited,Citibank N.A, Commercial Bank of  Ceylon Limited, Habib Bank Ltd, National Bank of Pakistan, Standard Chartered Bank, State Bank of India, HSBC Bank and Woori Bank )

Non -Bank Financial Institution : 33

Economic Growth

According to the final data released by Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS), Bangladesh achieved  7.11 percent GDP growth in FY2015-16.

The GDP growth was 6.55 percent and 6.06 percent in FY 2014-15 and FY2013 -14 respectively.

This is the first time that the GDP growth has surpassed the 7 percent level.However, in FY2006 -07, GDP growth crossed 7 percent mark due to the rebasing of GDP series on  FY2005-06 base . Despite the global financial crisis and its aftermath, along with the adverse effect emerged from domestic front, Bangladesh has been able to achieve GDP growth at more than 6 percent on an average during the last decade .

Gross Domestic Product (GDP) at Current Prices

The final value of GDP at current market prices stood at Tk.17,32,864 crore in FY2015-16,up by 14.32 percent of the previous fiscal year. At current prices, the estimated per capita GDP for FY2015-16 is Tk.1,08,378, up by 12.89 percent from the per capita GDP of Tk.96,004 in FY2014-15. On the other hand, per capita national income stood at Tk.1,14,621, up from Tk.1,02,236 in the previous fiscal year.In US dollar, per capita GDP and GNI stood at US$ 1,385 and US$ 1,465 respectively in FY2015-16 compared to US$ 1,236 and US$ 1,316 respectively in FY2014-15 .In nominal US dollar term, per capita national income increased by 11.32 percent compared to the previous fiscal year.

Expenditure Based GDP

According to the final data on the expenditure side,consumption accounted for 75.02 percent of
GDP in FY 2015-16, down from 77.84 percent of GDP in the previous fiscal year, partly due to
subdued remittance inflows. Domestic savings and national savings were 24.98 percent and 30.77 percent of GDP respectively in FY 2015-16, up from 22.16 percent and 29.02 percent of  GDP in FY 2014-15 respectively.


Savings and Investment(Percentage of GDP) 2015-16

Domestic savings-24.98

National savings-30.77

Total Investment 29.65



Balance of payments, 2015-16( In Million US$)

Export Earning: 34,242

Import Payments: 42,921

Current Account Balance: 3706

Overall Balance: 5036

Foreign Exchange Reserves(As on 30.06.2016):  30176

Workers’ remittances : 14931

Government Revenue/Expenditure ( Revised Budget) 2015-16 (in billion Tk)

Total Revenue: 1,774.00

Total Expenditure: 2,645.64

Total Revenue (As percentage of GDP) : 10.24

Total Expenditure  (As percentage of GDP) : 15.27

Budget Deficit( Excluding Foreign Grants) : 5.00

Budget Deficit( Including Foreign Grants) : 4.70


Money Supply (In billion Tk.)

Narrow Money(M1), June 2016 : 2124.31

Reserve Money, June, 2016 : 1932.01

Broad Money(M2), June,2016: 9163.78

Exchange Rate( 2015-16)

Taka/US$ ( Average) : 78.26




Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics, Finance Division, Bangladesh Bank, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, SEC, Ministry of Primary and Mass Education, Ministry of Communication.


Financial information of Bangladesh

Financial information of Bangladesh Financial Statistics year (June, 2016) Total Number of Commercial Banks: 56 State Owned Bank: 6 (Agrani Bank Limited,Janata Bank Limited,Sonali Bank Limited,Rupali Bank Limited,Bangladesh Krishi Bank,Rajshahi …


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