How do you get a bank job

How do you get a bank job

At present bank job is a prestigious job as BCS cadre job in Bangladesh.Now a day all the job seeker of Bangladesh intends to get a bank job. But most of them are not know how to get the bank jobs.To get bank jobs you should have to prepare your resume’ as the requirements of the banking arena i.e resume should be in order.After that you have to collect a bank list would you like to work.According to your list you should have to send Resume to Human Resource Division of these banks by mail, fax or through courier service.If you do not get any call of interview with in three weeks from your bank lists which you have sent the resume by mail or courier.

Skills employers are looking for include:

  • numeracy (however, a maths or science degree isn’t usually essential)
  • analytical skills
  • communication skills – verbal and written
  • enthusiasm, self-motivation
  • team-working skills
  • the ability to learn quickly
  • genuine interest in finance
  • ability to work under pressure
  • attention to detail
  • good at customer service
  • able to work independently
  • friendly, polite, approachable and helpful
  • honest and reliable
  • quick and methodical
  • accurate, with an eye for detail
  • retail and sales work
  • work in a call centre
  • experience in cash handling

Extra information elsewhere:

London Investment Banking Association
Investment Management Association
The Institute of Asset Management

After some times the bank call for an interview.

How do you prepare for interview:


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