The elements of customer services

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The elements of customer services

Three key elements of customer services are:

1. Expanding your definition of services

2. Identifying your customers

3. Developing a customer friendly approach

Customer service means providing a quality services or products that satisfy the needs of a customer and keep them coming back.

Good customer services means much more- it means continued success, increased profits, higher satisfaction, improved company or organization morale, better team work, and market expansion of services/products.

Think about the places where you enjoy doing the business- stores, petrol stations, suppliers, banks etc.Why, aside from actual products or services they provide, do you like doing business with them?

You probably find them courteous, timely, flexible, friendly, interested, and a series of other exemplary qualities. They do not only satisfy your needs and help in your endeavors but make you feel positive and satisfied. You come to rely on their level of service to meet your needs and wants.

On the other hand, lets review a business you dislike patronizing but do so out of necessity. May be it is the police when you need a new drivers license or may be it is the local store that carries a product you need but who offers lousy service when you purchase.

In the booth of these places it’s likely that the customer experience is marred by long lines, gruff service, inefficient processing, impolite and unfriendly clerks or salespeople, lack of flexibility, and no empathy for customer plight. In this cases you feel abused, unsatisfied, and taken advantages of – in essence, your experience is wholly negative.

Unfortunately, in the cases outlined above there is no competition for the services/products offered or you would gladly not consider using either the Ministry of Transport or the rude department store. This is the advantages of a monopoly on a good or service because in a competitive marketplace, the unsatisfied customer shops elsewhere.

Professional qualities in customer service:

Professionals who constantly deal with customers(inside and outside the company) need to strive for certain qualities to help them answer customer needs.

The professional qualities of customer service to be emphasized always relate to the customer wants.

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