Guidelines for Foreign Exchange

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Guidelines for Foreign Exchange

Guidelines for Foreign Exchange-Volume – 1(CONTENTS)


1 Introductory 1-2
2 Authorised Dealers and Money Changers 3
3 Bangladesh Bank’s Transactions with ADS 4-5
4 Foreign Currency Accounts of the ADS and Purchase and
Sale of Foreign Currency 6
5 Non-Resident Taka Accounts of Foreign Bank Branches and
Correspondents 7
6 Forward Dealings in Foreign Exchange 8
7 Outward Remittances 9-10
8 Inward Remittances 11
9 Dealing in Foreign Currency Notes and Coins Etc 12-13
10 Private Foreign Currency Accounts, Non-Resident Foreign
Currency Deposit Account and Resident Foreign Currency
Deposit Account 14-20
11 Convertible and Non-Convertible Taka Accounts 21
12 Private Non-Resident Taka Accounts 22-27
13 Non-Resident Blocked Taka Accounts 28-29
14 Foreign Investment and Operation in Securities 30-35
15 Imports, Letters of Credit and Remittances against Imports,
Back to Back LCs and Deposit of Counterpart Fund in respect
of Imports under Non-Project
Loans/Credits/Grands 36-51
16 Commercial Remittances (Other than for Imports) 52-78
17 Insurance Business and Reinsurance 79-82
18 Private Remittances 83-91
19 Travel 92-104
20 Foreign Exchange Retention Quota for Exporters 105-107
21 Import and Export of Currency Notes and Coins, Foreign
Exchange, Gold, Silver, Jewellery and Securities Etc 108-111

22 Exports and Exports from the EPZs 112-123
23 Borrowing Abroad by Residents 124-125
24 Opening of Office and Appointment of Agents in Bangladesh
by Non-Residents: Repatriation of Earnings of Commission,
Fees Etc 126-127
25 Loans, Overdrafts and Guarantees and Credit Facilities to Industries in EPZs 128-134

Guidelines for Foreign Exchange-1(Download)

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