How to prepare Export Documents

How to prepare Export Documents

The shipment of goods is to be made by drawing of bills of exchange which have to be accompanied by what is known as ” full set of shipping documents”, The attachment of these to the bills is an essential obligation of seller.Shipping documents are the evidence of goods dispatched, the evidence of insurance risk covered, the evidence of having actual shipment made and also the mandate of the seller made out on the buyer to pay a certain specified amount  or sum to the bank or the individual named therein. These various papers put together for supporting total claim of money are called shipping documents which constitute as one unit. Shipping documents handled by bank s vary because terms and trade contracted by the buyers and sellers are not always same. However, some basic documents are described below, the knowledge of which is a  per-requisite for any exporter:


  1. Bill of exchange is a mandate or an order by the seller to pay a certain amount of money against good sold.
  2. The Bill of Lading is a proof of the fact that the goods have been shipped. A complete  triplicate set has to accompany the bill of exchange. The bill of ladding are made out of order, endorsed in blank and marked ” freight paid”, unless a separate freight receipt is attached thereto.
  3. The Air Way bill is a receipt issued by an airline or agent for the carriage of goods. It is issued in terms and conditions of the contract of carriage of goods.
  4. A marine insurance policy covers all risks, marine and otherwise from the port of delivery of goods to the destination.
  5. Invoices give the full details of the quantity, marks and value of goods.
  6. A consular invoice, required by some countries is an invoice certified by the consulate of the importing county stationed in the exporting country.
  7. A certificate of origin certifies the country from which the goods are first exported.
  8. Other documents may include a packing list, weight note , inspection certificate, analysis certificate, shipping certificate, health certificate and certificate of conditioning.

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