How to justify an ideal bank

How to justify  an ideal bank

How to justify the efficiency of an ideal bank

Successful of  a bank depends on efficiency of a banker.Which bank are efficient their success are near with them.These efficiency depends on various factors of a bank.


These are given below:

a) Organization related factors

b) Employee related factors

c) Methods of operation related factors

d) Performance related factors

e) Client service related factors

f) Other factors


a) Organization related factors

i) Origin of a bank

ii) Location of a bank

iii) Types of bank

iv) Age and experience of bank

v) Nationality of bank

vi) Legal entity of bank


b) Employee related factors:

i) Manners of the bank employees

ii) Efficient management

iii) Maintenance of Secrecy

iv) Punctuality

C) Methods of operation related factors:

i) Which technology used

ii) Up-to-date information relating to accounts and clients

iii) Providing correct information


d) Performance related factors:

i) Sufficiency of capital

ii) Branches of bank

iii) Number of accounts

iv) Ability to collecting more deposits

v) Earning profits

vi) Liquidity

vii) Total deposit

viii) Total loan and investment

ix) Rate of interest

e) Client service related factors:

i) Offering services

ii) Security

iii) Consultancy


f) Other factors:

i) Relation with central bank

ii) Foreign exchange

iii) Publicity

iv) Good will of the bank

v) Control and influence of the government