Factors to be considered evaluating a proposal

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Factors to be considered evaluating a proposal

Identify and briefly describe the factors to be considered when evaluating a proposal?

Certain analytical reports are called proposals; these include bids to perform work under a contract and pleas for financial support from outsiders. Such bids and pleas are nearly always formal. The goal is to impress the potential client or supporter with your professionalism, and this goal is best achieved through a structured, deliberate approach.


Formal proposals contain many of the same components as other formal reports. The difference lies mostly in the text, although a few of prefatory parts are also different.

With the exception of an occasional appendix, most proposals have few supplementary parts.


The factors to be considered when evaluating a proposal are identified and described as follows:

Problems and purpose: Problems and purpose are often used as interchangeable terms in reports. The purpose of the proposal may be listed as leading (In addition to ” problem”) when the proposal intends to include objectives of a measurable nature.

Scope : When determining the scope of any proposal, one can place limitations on what one’s propose to do or what the material or equipment one sell can accomplish.

The term scope need not necessarily be the only heading for section.

Method and procedures: The method used to solve the problem or to conduct the business of the proposal should be spelled out in detail. In the section all the steps necessary to meet the terms of the proposal and write them is sequence.

Materials and equipment: For the large proposal such as, construction or research and development, indicate the nature and qualities of materials and equipment to be used. So, it must be thoroughly described and documented.

Personnel and recommendations: Proposal meets with acceptance in terms of services to be performed or products to be supplied. Conviction plays a role in proposal. So, the proposal might mention other work performed.

Follow up and evaluation: Any entire proposal is devoted to convincing the reader of its merit, clients are frequently concerned about what will happen when the proposal work or services is completed. A proposal that involves providing a psychological service probably warrants a thoughtful follow- up program to evaluate the services.


Budget, cost and summery: The budget cost should be detailed when materials, equipment, outside help, consultants, salaries and travel are to be included.

In addition to a cost or budget, one might conclude the proposal with a summery.

This may also be used to open the total proposal to put it in deductive sequence.

Addenda items: When certain supporting material is necessary to the proposal but would make it too bulky or detract from it, include the material as an addendum item. References used should appear in the bibliography or footnotes.

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Factors to be considered evaluating a proposal

Factors to be considered evaluating a proposal

Factors to be considered evaluating a proposal

Factors to be considered evaluating a proposal