Relation between Money and Bank

Relation between Money and Bank







Money and bank runs about in a same way. Money and bank management established in the same period. The established considering the practical proper utilization of money and the idea of money security.

From time to time changing the economic activities of human being and the bondage of social contact man to man make transaction as well as exchange their views with others. To fruitful the idea of exchange, once the barter system converted as money. And banking management systems are developed after establishment of monetary system as compliance. So here we can listen a proverb,  “Money is the mother of  a bank”. Other way we can say money is the life blood of a bank. It is difficult for a child without mother as like as this it is also difficult to think the existence without money, Time to time changes the banking system by the demand of the time period. Time to time banking system changes on demand of the environmental need. So modern systems are imposed day by day. According to Herroled Wallgran “ The what of banking has not changed, merely as much as how”.

Starting point of  banking system, bank works with money, till today they are working same. In banking business  raw materials are money as like as other business raw materials. By using the banking process bank generate or create money from money. There is proverb says “Bank creates bank money”.

All banking systems are influenced by money and  banking  relation. Bank makes deposit and deposit makes investment. Beside this an investment established a new depositor from their profit of invested amount. Creating depositor helps a bank’s investing power to profit.

At the conclusion we can say, “ Money is for bank and bank is also for money”. Both are inter related with each other.

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