Basic Principles of Bank

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Basic Principles of Bank

Basic Principles of Bank: Bank runs their business by taking the money of others so it is a risky business organization. Avoiding all risk to establish strong, dependable and skilled banking business otherwise the economic developments will be hampered of the country. To setup a strong and dependable banking business it should have to follow some basic principles. These are given below:

  1. Principles of adequacy or solvency:
  2. Principles of profitability:
  3. Principles of safety:
  4. Principles of liquidity:
  5. Principles of honesty and reliability:
  6. Principles of efficiency:
  7. Principles of economy:
  8. Principles of services:
  9. Principles of publicity:
  10. Principles of secrecy:
  11. Principles of localization:
  12. Principles of be awareness:
  13.  Principles of specialization:
  14. Principles of management:
  15.  Principles of goodwill:
  16. Principles of investment:
  17.  Principles of objectives:
  18. Principles of development:

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