SIBL Credit Card

SIBL Credit Card

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In today’s modern world credit card is very extensively used mode of financial transaction and it is widely known as “ Plastic Money”. It has created an immense impact in the life of the people all over the world.The same trend is being followed in Bangladesh too.Now a days the popularity of Islamic Credit Cards in Bangladesh is growing rapidly as a domestic and foreign banks are earning substantial profit through this product. An increased use of both local and dual currency Islamic Credit Card is taking place side by side with the expansion of personal banking services.


Objectives of SIBL Visa Islamic Credit Card:

  • Introducing Shariah complaint Visa Card
  • Creating product based brand image
  • Capturing market share
  • Increasing line of investment
  • Generating revenue

Features of SIBL Visa Islamic Credit Card:


  • Balance transfer facility
  • Card cheque facility
  • Fund transfer to account facility
  • Safety net/insurance to cover debt
  • Installment payment facility for specific transaction
  • Dual currency card
  • SMS facility
  • Cash back facility
  • Reward facility
  • Discount facility

Types of Objectives of SIBL Visa Islamic Credit Card:

  • Gold- Dual Currency
  • Classic- Dual Currency
  • Gold- Local Currency
  • Classic- Local Currency


Categories of SIBL Visa Islamic Credit Card:

  • Travel Quota
  • Exporters Retention Quota
  • Balance of RFCD account
  • Other categories as per Bangladesh Bank Guideline

Target Customer:

  • Salaried Group
  1. SIBL Employees
  2. Employees of other Banks & Financial Institute
  3. Employee of MNC
  4. School, College & University Teachers
  5. Doctors, Engineers etc

Self employed Group

  1. Existing valued customers of SIBL
  2. Directors of Banks, Insurances, and other Financial Institute
  3. Directors and Executives of export oriented garments and leather industries
  4. Members of renowned clubs and society
  5. Renowned businessmen in the society
  6. Members of Chambers of Commerce and Industries

Non Target Customer:

  • Journalists
  • Police
  • Lawyers
  • politicians

Required Documents:

  1. Application Form
  2. Photographs-Passport size
  3. TIN Certificate
  4. Bank Statement
  5. National ID
  6. Copy of valid Passport for Dual Currency card
  7. Salary Certificate for salaried personnel
  8. Trade License for Businessman
  9. Memorandum and Articles of Association for
  10. Copy of any utility bill as proof of residence


Age limit of Principal Applicant: 21 years to 65 years

Age limit of Suppl. Applicant: 18 years to 65 years

Minimum monthly Income: Tk.10,000.00

Maximum Limit in BDT: Tk. 5,00,000.00- without security

Tk. 20,00,000.00 – with security

Maximum Limit in USD

Under TQ : USD.5,000.00- for non SAARC countries

USD.1,500.00- for SAARC countries & Myanmar

Under RFCD : Lien on RFCD account

Under ERQ : Lien on ERQ account

Under Other categories: As per Bangladesh Bank Rules