Aib Internet Banking

Aib Internet Banking

At AIB , we know running a business means being fast,flexible and available at all times , Therefore , AIB designed Internet Banking to put you in the driver seat and manage your banking business anytime and anywhere . The Internet Banking provides you a fast , easy and very secure way to manage your finance , without coming to the bank!

Internet banking Features

Monitor checking, savings or credit line account activity
Transfer funds between accounts
Transfer funds between banks
Perform online account research

If you are currently an AIB Internet Banking customer, these great new features are already available to you.

If not, register for AIB Internet Banking by calling us now on 0818 724 020.

AIB Internet Banking Services?

AIB is an abbreviation for Allied Irish Banks Limited that was founded in 1966. The bank was a consolidated form of three Irish banks i.e. Munster & Leinster Bank, Provincial Bank of Ireland and Royal Bank of Ireland. The banks at this time were extremely fragmented and this seemed to be a profitable and healthy way of securing the operations of the three banks.
The alliance of the three banks has proved to be quite successful not only from the business point of view but also from the customers’ point of view. Now that the AIB internet banking has also been extended to the bank’s customers the profits have soared inexpressibly.

Ireland during the 1960s was transforming at a fast pace. The merger seemed to be the right thing to do as it strengthened the position of the banks, considering the existing state of the global banking scenario at the time. AIB is a commercial bank and has a strong network of branches all over Ireland. The only competitor to the bank seems to be Bank of Ireland. AIB provides a wide range of corporate and personal banking services. The Capital Markets division of AIB is the section that offers treasury operations and international banking to own as well as foreign nationals.

AIB Online Banking or AIB Internet Banking only means that customers will have their bank open through the 24 hours in a day, 7 days in a week and have access to various banking services wherever they are. Steps, such as, going to the branch counter for various transactions has been eliminated by AIB by introducing the internet banking option to all its customers.

Paying bills, checking balance, and transferring funds in someone’s accounts are the different kinds of transactions that can be carried out using the online banking option. The traditional ways of banking have taken a back seat. AIB understands the value of their customers’ time and respect it too. That’s why online banking is being given so much of importance.

With AIB Internet Banking, you can carry out transactions, view balances, work or search the information you need about Credit Cards, AIB Finance & Leasing products, Ark Life and Home Mortgages. You can not only transfer money into your own accounts within the bank but also to other ROI bank accounts. You can also top up cell phones, buy or sell shares through the stock broking option, apply for loans and do many other things.

AIB internet banking is available in Australia, India and United Kingdom. Even the recent account activity can be viewed whenever you wish to. You can also arrange for transfer overseas for instance, from Australia or United Kingdom. You can manage your personal details, direct debits, pay bills, stop checks, request older statements, place maturity instructions on loans and so on. You can also draw down funds and check loan limits. The company stresses a lot on security of bank transactions so that customers do not face any issues regarding any of transactions.

Founded     1966
Headquarters     Dublin, Ireland
Key people
Richard Pym, Chairman
Bernard Byrne, Chief Executive Officer [1]
Products     Banking products
Operating income
Increase to €2.6 billion (2015)
Net income
Increase to €1.4 billion (2015)
Number of employees
10,204 (December 2015)

Aib Internet Banking

Aib Internet Banking At AIB , we know running a business means being fast,flexible and available at all times , Therefore , AIB designed Internet Banking to put you in …

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