ICBC Limited

ICBC Limited

Industrial & Commercial Bank of China Limited (ICBC Limited) is the first on the basis of world ranking(As on the balance sheet of 31.12.2014 ).It has

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3,320,865 +8.95% 62,505.72

Through its continuous endeavor and stable development, the Bank has developed into the top large listed bank in the world of bank world ranking, possessing an excellent customer base, a diversified business structure, strong innovation capabilities and market competitiveness. The Bank presences in six continents, and its overseas network has expanded to 41 countries and regions. The Bank provides comprehensive financial products and services to 5,090 thousand corporate customers and 465 million personal customers by virtue of the distribution channels consisting of 17,122 domestic institutions, 338 overseas institutions and 2,007 correspondent banks worldwide, as well as through its E-banking network comprising a range of Internet and telephone banking services and self-service banking centers, forming a diversified and internationalized operating structure focusing on commercial banking business and maintaining a leading position in the domestic market in the commercial banking sector. In 2014, the Bank was named the “Global Bank of the Year” by The Banker, ranked the first place among the Top 1000 World Banks by the Banker and the largest enterprise in the world among the Global 2000 listed by the US magazine Forbes for the second consecutive year.

Financial Highlights of ICBC Limited:

By the end of 2014, the Bank’s total assets amounted to RMB20,609,953 million, up by RMB1,692,201 million or 8.9% year on year. Total liabilities of the Bank amounted to RMB19,072,649 million, RMB1,433,360 million or 8.1% higher than that at the end of the previous year. The Bank realized a net profit of RMB276,286 million in 2014, representing an increase of 5.1% as compared to the previous year. Return on average total assets stood at 1.40%, and return on weighted average equity was 19.96%. Core tier 1 capital adequacy ratio stood at 11.92%, tier 1 capital adequacy ratio 12.19%, and capital adequacy ratio 14.53%. Operating income amounted to RMB658,892 million, recording an increase of 11.7%. Specifically, net interest income was RMB493,522 million, growing by 11.3%. Non-interest income reached RMB165,370 million, rising by 13%. Operating expenses amounted to RMB292,280 million, recording an increase of 18.5%, and cost-to-income ratio dropped by 1.28 percentage points to 26.75%.

ICBC Limited Corporate Banking:
At the end of 2014, the Bank’s corporate customers increased by 359 thousand over the end of the previous year to 5,094 thousand, including 140 thousand corporate customers having loan balances with the Bank. According to statistics from PBC, the Bank had the largest balance of both corporate loans and corporate deposits in the banking industry, with a market share of 11.17% and 11.64%, respectively.

ICBC Limited Corporate Deposits and Loans:

At the end of 2014, the balance of corporate loans reached RMB7,612,592 million, representing an increase of RMB566,077 million or 8.0% over the end of the previous year. The balance of corporate deposits hit RMB8,037,133 million, representing an increase of RMB533,636 million or 7.1% over the end of the previous year.