20 Import Quiz Test

20 Import Quiz Test


Q.1. What is Foreign Exchange?


Q.2. What is CAMNEL?


Q.3. What is CCI&E?


Q.4. What is FEDA?


Q.5. What is LIBOR?


Q.6. What is SWIFT?


Q.7. What is UCPDC?


Q.8. What is Foreign Exchange?


Q.9. What are the two forms are used for Outward Remittance

     of Foreign Currency?


Q.10. What are the two forms are used for Inward Remittance

     of Foreign Currency?


Q.11. What is L/C ?


Q.12. What is BEPZA ?


Q.13. What is URR?


Q.14. What is URC?


Q.15. What are the main two type of L/C?


Q.16. What is Nostro and Vostro Account?


Q.17. What is B.C selling rate?


Q.18. What is Lodgement?


Q.19. What are the disposal of Export Forms?


Q.20. When Exporters may open 80% BB LC ?

Import Policy Order

Import Policy Order The Import Policy Order covers a period of 5 years — the last one being for the period from July 2010 to June 2015. As per this …


H S CODE Classification of commodity has been introduced in early nineteenth century in Europe. Internationally accepted coding system was first introduced in 1931 as Brussels Nomenclature and in 1937 …

Post Import Finance

Post Import Finance: Some time branch faces difficulties in retiring import document against L/Cs opened under arranged post import finance facilities, due to lack of proper documentation formalities. In order …

Import Business of Islamic Bank

Import Business of Islamic Bank Import Business : All Islamic bank of Bangladesh runs their import business is mainly divided into the following three categories: i) Import of Commercial goods. …

Foreign Remittance

Foreign Remittance  Definition: Remittance represents transfer of fund from one place to another through official channel. Foreign Remittance: Foreign Remittance refers remittance of Foreign currency that are received in and …

Stale Bill of Lading

Stale Bill of Lading What is stale bill of lading A bill of lading is said to a stale it bears a date subsequent to the expiry date of credit …