ATM means automatic teller machine ATM is  also known  as  an automated banking machine (ABM) in Canada, is a computerized telecommunications device. ATM  provides the clients of a bank or financial institution with right of entry to financial transactions in a public space with no any a cashier, any human being or bank teller. ATMs are known by various other names such as:  ATM machine, automated banking machine. Etc.

Any ATM card holder inserting a plastic ATM card with a magnetic stripe or a plastic smart card with a chip, which contains a individual card number and some security information such as an expiration date. Validation is confirmed by the customer entering their personal identification number (PIN). By using an ATM, customers or cardholder may enter in to their bank accounts in order to make  cash withdrawals from their own account, debit card cash advances, and check their account balances easily..

ATM is also known, in English, as an Automated Banking Machine or Bank Machine (in Australia, and Canada), Bancomat (in Central Europe, Eastern Europe, Italy, and Switzerland), Cashpoint (in New Zealand and United Kingdom), Cash Machine (in United Kingdom), Hole-in-the-wall (in UK slang) or MAC (in certain United States areas).

How To Use ATM:

Stair 01
To enter the ATM card to entry point of the machine.

Stair 02

To enter the personal Identification Number (PIN).

Stair 03

To press enter the keyboard of the ATM.

Stair 04

The transaction screen provided by the ATM and select the transaction as per your requirement.

Stair 05

If you want to withdrawal cash from the ATM. Please select withdrawals and press enter withdrawals key.

Stair 06

How much amount you want to withdrawals, please mentioned and press enter key.

Stair 07

ATM provided the mentioned amount of currency, please take it and count it instantly.

Stair 08

ATM return your card to entry point of the machine.

Stair 09

Your ATM card will come out with a mini statement. Please preserved it if required.

Benefits of using ATM

•    Any time it can be used
•    It is open public set up so card holder/customers used friendly
•    Any time Cash withdrawals
Any time Cash deposits
•    Anytime Balance enquiry or checking the balance in the bank account
•    Anytime bills payment
•    ATM cash machine can use 24 hours a day and 365days a year

Most secured
•    Convenient service for customers
•    To meet up the urgent needs of the customers
•    Possibly reduce merchant card service fees
•    Hassle free transaction can made by the card holder
•    Revenue earn on each transaction by the organization or institution
•    Self driven banking tools
•    Reduce the amount of uses of  cheques
•    By using ATM enhance sales
•    You can change of personal identification number (PIN)
•    You can request of cheque book
•    You can  transfer fund  from one account to another account